when will the macbook air rev b come out?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ricowatatsu, Jan 24, 2008.

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    hello all. yes i understand this is a new product that has yet to ship. i also understand there is no way for anyone to have a real idea about this. still i insist on speculating. I like to wait for rev b products to work out the launch issues that some products face, and since i dont really need a new laptop right now i would like to discuss when the next product update will come and what features it will have. Im thinking 4gb ram option, 160gb hd option, penryn chips at speeds up to 2.2, and screen resolution increase to 1400 by 900. what do you people think?
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    When do you think it will come out?
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    Holy frijoles! The MBA isn't even out yet and you're asking when a revision comes out :confused:
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    I'm guessing 6 months from now, give or take a month or 2.
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    im thinking the rev b will drop in september.
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    My guess is between 6 months and a year.
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    In the future. :confused:
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    Revision B is already released.

    { when they announce that because of reduced prices on NAND MEMORY the SSD and higher processor are now STANDARD, and discontinue the lower end model that I ordered, and they LOWER the starting price with the faster processor and flash drive too boot too.}

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    sounds like you and i have the same kind of luck when it comes to buying electronics! :p

    i expect it will rev in about 6 months. i was one of the ones hoping for the re-birth of a 12" pro portable at macworld expo, but i may be satisfied with the mba. i'm trying to wait until rev. b with a larger hard drive crammed in there, but i'm not sure i can hold out. the little voice in my head reminds me that my rev. a 12" powerbook only had a 40gb hard drive and that worked out for me back then, despite the fact that the 100gb hard drive on my current blackbook is almost full.
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    Never. Rev A is the EOL for the MBA. Get it while you can!
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    yeh, considering the MBA is hardly out yet, hmmm i m going to take a wild guess and say not in the next 4 months for rev b
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    Probably some time in the future.
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    Can we get the Rev 'A' first!

    Jeez. Calm down man!
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    macworld 2009

    but i guess that depends on what you mean by revision b

    case changes?

    simple speed upgrades?

    be more specific
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    Thats funny, already looking for a second revision. You don't know of any problems with the first one yet.
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    this is the place where speculation is ok right? as for what do i mean by rev b, this means the next time any updates are made to the compy at all: speed bump, bto options, pretty pink bow, whatever. As for there never being a rev b, i highly doubt steve would let a product be stillborn. the cube saw improvements in its spec and a price drop before they put it on ice. I too was hoping for a rebirth of the small pro model, but who knows, they could stick a dedicated gpu in there at any time. if they can fit 7400 in apple tv, surely that part doesnt take up much more room than the x3100.

    ps: who here regularly buys a product as soon as it is available?
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    I did! I bought the Powerbook G4 12" Rev A. And that was a huge mistake. It burned my wife so Apple has been really nice to me. :)
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    It the classic Early Adopter question. I'm undecided on the MBA myself and issues I wonder about are: given the somewhat unique processor, what update options might come along; and since SSD prices are sure to decline with wider use, will we see a lower price SSD option from Apple.
    Any thoughts ?
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    I think the Macbook Air will be EOL shortly. To prevent the stench still lingering from the name they will rename it Macbook Lite!
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    With the options you're talking about, I'd say around rev G
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    As I stated before, the macbook air is targeting a very very small audience.
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    What the audience who believes they need to plan for rev b before rev a hits?
    I think the MBA targets a larger audience than you think!
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    I hope so. I want to see Apple products succeed.
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    speculate all you want. technology for this stuff changes all the time. you dont know what will be available when the update is. let alone when the update it self arrives. i dont get why as soon as something new is out, people start asking for the next update.
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    Is there any other reason? Greed!

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