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When you move photos into a new album why cant you delete them from the original?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TH55, Dec 27, 2012.

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    This is possibly one of the biggest and most idiotic flaws in any stock app.

    In "Photos", if you want to consolidate a group of related or similar photos into their own separate album, after you copy them over if you try to delete them from the original album it deletes them from the new album as well. Wtf? This makes absolutely no sense at all, why would anyone want duplicates of every picture?

    Anyone else frustrated by this completely obvious and unnecessary flaw?
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    Small White Car

    Do you use iTunes?

    Do you understand the difference between your music library and your music playlists and how they relate to each other?

    There you go.
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    This is completely different. These are pictures that I only need to view in the albums I want them in. I don't need a large unorganized mess of unrelated random pictures that is nearly impossible to sort through.

    Songs can be listened to in many ways, hence the existence of playlists. If you want to listen to your entire library on shuffle you can do that, this is the reason for retaining your original library in iTunes.

    This does not apply to photos.
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    Albums are not folders. They simply are used to group a specific set of images from your entire photo library.
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    In almost every other piece of photo software I have used albums are folders....
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    I agree. This seems like a no brainer yet it's nonexistent.
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    If you think to about it, the comparison to iTunes is spot on.

    Camera roll = music library
    Albums = playlists

    "I don't need a large unorganized mess of unrelated random pictures that is nearly impossible to sort through."

    substitute "pictures" with "songs" in your quote, and you'll see what we are getting at.

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    Did you not read my reply? A large, unorganized mess of music has a purpose - when you want to play it on shuffle to get a good mix.

    Additionally, you may want to make multiple play lists with the same song.

    This is not the case with photos
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    Small White Car

    Just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean it's not the answer.

    You wanted to know how it works. That's how it works. You can't just say I'm wrong and hope it magically changes because of that.
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    I'm not saying you're wrong that this was their intended design, I'm saying their intended design is retarded. If you disagree however, then yes I am saying you are wrong lol.
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    Last time I went to my dad's house, I went into the Camera Roll and started a shuffled slideshow that we watched on the TV (through the Apple TV). I prefer that to having to watch through every album by itself, just like I sometimes prefer shuffling my entire music library instead of listen to it album by album.

    Really? If I have a photo of my kids in the album "Christmas Market 2012", you're telling me I wouldn't want to be able to put that specific photo in an album called "Kids" without moving it from the other album? ;)

    If you don't like the Camera Roll, don't use it. For what you're after, just create an album called "Mixed", "Misc" or whatever and put those photos that you're not putting in other albums in there.
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    What I'm suggesting wouldn't prevent you from doing this; you would simply copy the photo again from it's new location, while still being able to "soft" delete it or remove it in desktop terms from any album you didn't want it in.

    As it is, you can't delete it from it's original and unnecessary superfluous location.
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    The only way you are going to accomplish what you want is to copy your photos to a folder, then delete the photo in your camera roll, then sync the folder on your computer through iTunes. Unfortunately, you will still have a folder on yout phone with all photos, but it won't be your camera roll.
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    It's stupid by apple

    U can't hide your sexts from others

    Clearly embarrassing
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    "Private photo vault" .. Free app ;)
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    From A Buick 8

    I may be wrong, but does iOS really create a copy of the photo in the newly created photo album.

    I was thinking all it really did was create a link to the photo in the newly created album. So you really do not have duplicates of the photos.
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    I doubt it duplicates the actual file, that would be crazy.
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    From A Buick 8

    Yes that is what I think as well.
  19. Guest

    Because Apple hasn't added in iOS yet...and probably should have...3 years ago.
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    An album is purely an index (pointer) to the original files. Apple chose this way for a couple of reasons. 1, saves space 2, allows multipul albums containing duplicate pointers without duplicating pictures.
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    You think it's unnecessary because you don't understand the idea behind Camera Roll. It's not meant to be a folder. To compare it to a root folder means you've missed the point. Camera Roll is to the Photos app what list view of your songs is to iTunes (or Photos to iPhoto). It's not supposed to be a misc-folder, which is why it doesn't do what you want it to.

    This is a choice by the people at Apple, it's well thought through and it's not something they've overlooked. If enough people feel they've made a stupid move and told them about it, they'll most likely change it. But right now, it just feels like you're not really getting the idea and therefore basing your critique on false assumptions.

    As I said, just create an album for random pics, or photos you don't want in any other album, and take Camera Roll for what it is - the place where all your photos reside.
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    Albums contain "stubs" of the original pix; they are indeed shortcuts to make it easier to find particular pix when you have (like I do) thousands of pix in my Camera Roll, largely as a result of migrating thru several iPhone model upgrades over the years. I use albums to find pix in a hurry because they are grouped into various categories designated by me. Make Albums for the pix that you care about viewing on a somewhat regular basis and ignore the Camera Roll except as a source for the originals. :)
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    Lol dude this is an awesome reply !

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