Where are the Moderators on this forum?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by tonie, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Where are all the moderators? This forum seriously need to promote some moderators because there are scammers and spammers everywhere even after reported.
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    Perhaps you underestimate just how many are deleted before you even see them.
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    Moderators are not always online, or they are online and busy with other moderation tasks. If you report a post, they will address it as soon as they're able. It may take some time, but they will get to it.
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    i think the moderators are doing a wonderful job here unlike some sites i've been on. stop knocking them if see anything iffy then report it.
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    Right. Behind. You.
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    They are way too many I would say. Do not worry, they will show up.
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    Too many? There are 11 admins and 21 moderators. Currently there are 601,819 registered users. That means there is 1 person (admin or mod) for every 18,806.84 users

    Too many, I disagree.
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    There are a number of moderators and administrators online at any given time.

    The following link shows who they are and if they're online

    If you see spam, or other rule violations then please report them. With over 10,000 posts daily its impossible for the moderators to review each and every post. We rely on the the members to be active in help us out :)
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    Considering the amount of traffic this site attracts, and also taking into consideration the time zones etc. The Moderators here do a good job...If anybody thinks it's an easy job then think again...I speak from personal experience....(Awaits the usual flood of pointless down voting)
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    Many of those registered users have either left the site long ago or never even posted after making their account. You'd need to figure out who the users are that have been on the site in the last year or so to get a more accurate number.
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    Yep, I know. Since I don't have those numbers, I used the phrase registered users, instead of active users. :)
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    120,769 whose last post is within the last year.
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    And how many of those users are active? Thousands, maybe tens of thousands never even posted once.

    Moderating here is not good for ones longevity at the site. Many mods burn out and disappear within a year of being made a mod. Of the current list of mods, I havene't seen half of them online recently.
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    Well, I did say "or so." I'd say an accurate number daily is around 20K.
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    18,372 posted within the past month
    7,316 posted within the past week
    2,126 posted yesterday

    But of course it varies greatly from time to time.
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    I'm here, whatcha need? :)
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    Do you have a more specific complaint? Something that can be looked into?
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    The problem is a lot of them hide and never show up as being online.
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    Moderating a web forum AND being an active poster is a fine balance...In short a hiding to nothing. For two years I moderated a Windows tech. forum, and found that my active participation dropped down a lot. It's required in many respects....I found it a tough job, and anybody who has done it will know what I mean.

    More Moderators? How many here would stick up their hands I wonder? A bed of roses it's not I assure you. If you think the job isn't being done properly, take a look at some of the other forums....One in particular springs to mind, but I won't post it here. It has an almost 50% to 50% ratio of Moderators to members. Result? A dry, boring site which is also moderated in real time by Vbulletin....Type Hell, and you get ****....Try it if you do not believe me. The moderators here do a good job, but you can't be evywhere all of the time..Rant over.
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    Some go to invisible mode so they can post and not moderate. Moderators are a volunteer staff, who also like to interact with the forum. So while there are some who "hide" There's usually a number of us who are active online at any given time.
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    I don't know what forums you guys visited but most of the ones I go to are pretty strict and well monitor. I have reported many spams and scammers but none or most are not taken care of. I understand it's a volunteer job but if you're going to do it then do it right.

    problems could be?

    1. perhaps only a few moderators care and some don't give a crap
    2. not enough man power
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    How constructive. I have reported many spam postings...especially in the early hours of the morning UK time. They have all been dealt with in five minutes or less. Other issues of more concern have also been dealt with quickly and efficiently. I don't know which postings you refer to, but if you take the trouble to report them, they will be dealt with. criticising for the sake of it is hardly a useful addition to the debate.
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    I can say that every post that is reported is reviewed by the moderation team, if you see a post that is spam and nothing is done, then ask the question by way of the contact us form.

    We don't discuss moderation actions, due to our privacy rules but the admins can answer some of your questions.

    I will say that we get a lot of reported posts marked as spam when a software developer starts a thread in the application forums. Some members don't realize that developers can promote their apps, provided they follow the guidelines as documented in the rules.
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    I'm sorry if what i said is not what you observed and thanks for your sarcasm.
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    It may be that what you label as "spam" or "scammer" isn't really the case. If there is true spam and you report it, it is handled by the moderation team. If you're calling something spam that isn't, that's another matter. Care to post an example?
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