where can I buy 4.3 atv 2 ?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jvmxtra, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Just go into apple store and hope for the best?
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    Mine was 4.3 when I purchased it last week, and then I foolishly let it upgrade as soon as I turned it on!
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    Wait, they don't ship with 4.3 anymore? If I'm getting an Apple TV at Xmas, will there be a chance it'll be with iOS 5? If so, won't I be able to jailbreak?
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    Yes and you can Jailbreak IOS 4.4.2.
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    So what you say is, 01) there's a chance of iOS 5 but only 4.2.2 can be jail broken or 02) I can jailbreak iOS 5?

    If I jailbreak can I use Photostream and AirPlay mirroring while still having Plex?
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    There is no IOS5 on ATV it is 4.4.2. If you do a tethered JB you can still have Photo Stream and mirroring but Plex doesn't work yet. If you do the untethered JB, Photo Stream and Mirror do not yet work, but Plex does. In either case Airplay from an iPhone, Ipod, etc work.

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