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Where can I d/l good Mac games at (for $, of course)?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by jtwood, Feb 14, 2004.

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    I'm new to the Mac community. I just switched from a PC. With PCs there are numerous places at which I could d/l a very popular game instead of going around looking for the software.

    Does anyone know where I could do something like this for Mac games? I'm not looking for illegal downloads. I have no problem paying for a game.

    I'd be very interested in some help because there aren't too many places that sell Mac software around where I live. Downloading would be a much greater convenience than purchasing through the Internet.

    Thanks for any help - in advance,

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    I recommend Freeverse Software. I bought three games from them. Their games aren't fancy, just simple games done in a whimsical style with fun touches. Prices are certainly reasonable.

    And today is obviously the day to buy 3D Hearts!
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    There are free games at abc, the TV network. I don't know about the others, but Alias Underground, based on the TV show, is a pretty good first-person shooter game, although I didn't do very well at it until I read some secrets online.
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    It's funny you mention Freeverse. They're the only place I've been able to find that I really liked so far, but their selection was very limited and lacked the challenge I'm seeking. So far, Solace is their only game that I've played and enjoyed, but I beat it on the hardest level after only one day. Because of that, I've been afraid to try their other products.

    What I'm really looking for is something like Civ III, SimCity 4, or anything else in that line of games. Do you know anywhere that I can d/l games of that nature?

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    You can always look through the freeware and shareware games at versiontracker.

    I received a free "Gaming Megapac" CD for subscribing to Macworld Magazine. I haven't looked through it yet. It's no doubt full of demos and shareware and maybe I'll come across one that suits your purposes. So thanks for giving me an incentive to get around to giving it a try this week. I'll let you know what I find.
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    Dont Hurt Me

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    Dont Hurt Me

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    Thanks for all the help everyone. I'm still not finding what I'm looking for. My guess is that there's just not a "Games On Demand" type site for Mac.

    This is slightly disheartening. I'd heard that Mac gaming was way behind PC gaming, but I had no idea it was this far behind. I went to a couple local malls last night, and I couldn't find one place that carried anything Mac. Now I'm stuck with buying off the Internet and hoping for the best. I don't care much for that position.

    What's worse is that there's no resale shop for Macs. With PCs, I could buy a game and if I didn't like it, I could take it to a resale shop.

    I got into the Mac world because my wife needed one for her Graphic Design needs. Now I'm hurting for a something to do on it.

    If anybody comes across anything where you can play top-of-the-line games for a fee, please let me know. You can just leave me a PM or something.


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    is there not a compusa near you? they usually have quite a bit of mac stuff. simcity 4 is available for the mac. i don't know that there's a place to d/l it, but you can buy the boxed version online pretty much anywhere, apple.com for example, and it will ship to you within a few days. mac gaming is behind PC gaming, but it's not really that bad unless you're hardcore. the distribution channels are more limited with mac games, but that's generally the case with everything mac.
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    jt - Could you post a link to one of the PC game d/l sites, just so those of us who haven't been in the PC world for a while can know what you are referring to/know what to look for?
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    I might've misunderstood you, but I am in the same situation - not many mac shops around, and those stores who do carry mac stuff only have limited stuff. And I haven't found any legal sites where you can download games from - I think most find it too risky.

    I don't know many pc games sellers that do that either, except maybe something called 'steam' from valve software that allows you to download soft and play.

    So why not buy from www.apple.com themselves ? They have a 'store' online where they don't only sell their stuff but even mac games packs, where 3 or more games are sold together for a lowish price !
    You can't download, but you can get get them delivered to your home !
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    Try ambrosiasw.com (Ambrosia Software). They have some fun arcade games and other games you can download, demo and buy a license for. Maybe you have Deimos Rising, that's a good one. Other arcade games like Apeiron and Bubble Trouble. Nice thing is that they have quality OS X games.... check them out!
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    Pangea Software has some neat games. I like Enigmo, Cro Mag Rally, and Otto Matic. Looks like you can download all of them from their website.
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    Macs dont have the games on demand thing because... there isnt a demand for it. A great place to buy online games from is GoGamer.com. They have games for all platforms, including consoles, and they have really good prices and shipping. If you want to resell your games, youre pretty much stuck with ebay. I dont know where you live that you can resell a PC game... I dont see why anyone would do that with a recent game (especially since chances are the CD Key has been used).
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    Bang, stab, blag, choke (maybe)

    If you're a first person would-be psycho axe murderer type gamer I'd reccommend http://www.americasarmy.com/ where you'll find an excellent tactical game with a huge online player base where you can go kill, maim and be killed and maimed for the good old US of A. And it's all for free.


    Still not sure if choking people is in the game.


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    There are dozens of great mac game sites to buy Cd's of the mainstream games Sims, halo, etc. I would think you could ebay the games if you don't like them and once you set it up you could easily do it. Some program install Cd's are for Mac and PC, but probalby not as much with the games. I know Walmart carries PhotoElements 2.0 for Mac and PC for about $35 less than anyplace else. Since most games for the mac are separate companies porting it I would imagine you can't find much. As far as reselling, there is also some site that you post used mac stuff for sale by way of bidding just like ebay but it is only mac stuff...I would imagine games there might become a big item over time. The site just opened a month or two ago I think and I don't know the site name, but someone here would probably be able to help you.

    good luck
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    Beware...if you go to this site it may crash safari/. I went and tried to look at screen shots and locked up my computer wanting me to login with my account which I had not set up, I was just browsing. I clicked cancel on the login drop down window and it kept coming up and would not let me close that window or even quit safari without "logging in" to their server...nothing to do with logging into my mac or macrumors...Army login I guess. Had to force quit to get out of it.

    Looks cool though! :D
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    No idea why you're not allowed to see the screenshots without George and Donald's permission. A firm 'Cancel' followed by a deft hit on the Delete button will get you out of it though. The other areas seem to be accessible without having to first sign up for three months traffic duty in Baghdad.



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