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Where Can I Find General Information on How the iOS operating system works?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rs14smith, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know of any websites out there that provide information on how exactly the iOS operating system works?

    For example, how it uses processes, how it deals with deadlocks, does it use threads, etc,etc...

    All I find is websites that tell you what the Operating System can do like, multitask, download apps, stuff about game center etc...

    I need to learn how all the internal components work together in this OS.

    Thanks :)
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    Are you planning on Developing something, or just curious? Either way, that information will cost you $99

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    Well I already have signed up for the developers kit once before when I had an interest in developing apps the iPHone, but I never completed it, thus I didn't pay $99 to become a official developer so that I can have my app in the app store.

    I thought that's what the $99 is for, so you can put your app in the app store? From my understanding, anyone (apple user) can get the kit (Xcode app etc.) by signing up...but this was about 9 months so ago, so have things changed now?
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    nothing changed. you can still download the sdk for free. :)

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