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Where can I get the old (October 2010) MBA models new for less?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by macbookpro45, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Now that they are 'old' models, where can I get them new for less than retail?
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    I'm looking for an 11" w/ 4gb.
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    Thanks but that's not that much off. Anything else out there?
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    Apple's online store has refurbished models at considerable discounts (starting at $749 for the base 11").
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    Futureshop downtown Vancouver seem pretty eager to get rid of the '10 Air's. I had to refuse them pushing a discount twice. I hate pushy sales people so I didn't listen to the price but you could probably haggle yourself a fantastic buy from either best buy or futureshop right now on a '10.
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    I bought a refurb off the Apple website for $749 (the most basic model with 2 GB ram and a 64 GB hard drive). I got it today and already love it more than my other computers. I know many out there think of this model as "old" but for someone completely new to Mac without any heavy duty computing needs (and needing to save money) the 2010 is still fantastic.

    It's downloading Lion as I type this..hope it still works as great after the update.
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    That's fantastic! Enjoy! It's always good to see someone pick up a system based on their computing needs.
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    Craigslist. Any '10 air will either have, or be eligible for, extended applecare.

    BestBuy has open box returns for 20% off of the original price as of today, and you might be able to get a store manger to come off of that even further.
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    Where did you hear this??? 20% off as of today? It used to be 10% off.
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    Go to bestbuy.com and they've had the additional 10% special for a week or so now. (It may end today.)
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    I just finished the install of Lion on my brand new 2010 Mac Air and it's working even better than before. No problems whatsoever. Its very fast-faster than any portable I've ever used (the 2011 Mac Air must function at the speed of light for it to be faster than this one LOL).

    From my standpoint this has been an outstanding purchase...
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    That's a good deal. People with light computing needs who would barely utilize the iX series, should seriously consider these deals.
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