where can i trade iphones??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by RSedan, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Jan 29, 2013
    does anyone know where i can trade an at&t iphone for a sprint iphone?

    my sprint iphone was stolen, so my friend gave me her at&t iphone 4 when she upgraded to the 5. i have had no luck so far...the phone is in really good condition and i have the box...

    craigslist sucks. i've had two prospective buyers that i had been in correspondence with for a couple of weeks. when it came time to set a date&time to meet, they bailed.

    is there somewhere that will trade with me??
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    Jul 2, 2012
    EBay will get you a guaranteed sale.
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    Jan 29, 2013
    i tried ebay and found nothing useful. i was looking for a one step process, seeing as how i don't have the money to sell to one person and then buy from another.
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    Jan 29, 2013
    i've already searched forums for this, but the websites that i've been redirected to won't do me any good.

    i guess i'm also asking if any of you out there have or know someone who has a sprint iphone 4, willing to trade. if you have a sprint iphone 4 and you trade with me, and have no use for an at&t iphone, i will help you find a buyer asap!! i've gotten a lot of offers from craigslist and have saved all numbers/emails. please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

    this sucks. i went from an iphone to a freakin LG rumor. da ***..
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    Oct 18, 2012
    Sell phone on CL or eBay. Use money from the sale to purchase a Sprint iPhone. Finding a trading partner could be difficult.
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    Jan 29, 2013
    yes, this is what i have been trying to do. it hasn't worked out for me thus far. i don't know why the FFF people go on craigslist if they're not serious about buying/selling....it's just a ridiculous waste of time.
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    Apr 10, 2008
    I just sold my iPhone 4 on eBay using a Buy-it now listing requiring immediate payment. I sold it for 299.99 with free shipping and it took less than 24 hours to sell. If you look at another post of mine about trading an iphone 4 for an ipad mini there is a user looking to buy an unlocked ATT iphone 4 so PM him with listing once you create it. You can get much more money if your GF gets that iphone unlocked by ATT.

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    Jan 29, 2013
    will do, thanks!! ...what does GF mean?
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    Apr 10, 2008
    GF = Girlfriend. Sorry, read the post to fast and just realized your friend gave you her iPhone. Good luck!

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