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    PLEASE: Where is the best place to buy, Apple with student discount seems the best so far, $899 plus Tax, It seems like everything else I find is less of a computer or costs the same or more, I want the New or Refurb (latest edition)Superdrive eMac and 512 with bluetooth., Thanks, Tom
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    sorry, couldn't help it. caught off guard by the all caps...

    anyhew, refurbs are a great deal...
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    Use an education discount and get the emac with superdrive from the apple store.
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    eMac with a Superdrive...

    lol :rolleyes:
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    i'm confused... :confused:
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    eMac with Superdrive is like a Yugo with a Ferrari engine...
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    buy an emac from a university store. some universities (UC's in CA for e.g.) sell emac's $150-$200 less than even Apple's ed discount.

    that's a sweet deal -- emac 1.25GHZ superdrive for $749!
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    Eh? eMac with Superdrive is like perfectly functional. Is there a joke I missed?
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    Bull. eMac == Powermac G4, for all intents and purposes. You also get a nice shiny CRT for peanuts.

    Just a thought, TheBunnellFarm, you could save rather a lot by getting the combo version and installing your own Superdrive. Pioneer 107s are known to work...
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    If the orientation for an eMac is as an EDUCATIONAL machine what institution short of one specializing in film design is going to buy an eMac with a Superdrive over a G5 (which is usually under budget even for public universities). Personally I don't think eMacs are useful for more than word processing and internet work.
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    Because of course, prior to WWDC '03, Macs were never used for anything else.
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    so an imac w/ asuper drive would be apretty yugo with a ferrari engine? THe emac is a great machine andf much better thn you and most people give it credit for
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    An iMac is a consumer-end machine... I don't have any qualms about getting an iMac other than it's lack of upgradability... eMacs also.

    Why would I spend $800 on a machine that I'll never be able to upgrade should I want to in the future?
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    Is a student not a consumer? When was a processor upgrade last cost-effective? I can see why a gamer might want a video card upgrade, though...

    TheBunnellFarm, I recently bought an eMac 1.25GHz Combo for home use and I can't fault it. I like the small footprint and the relative hush. After years of 19" monitors I thought I might have difficulty moving to 17", but no. I toyed with the idea of a Superdrive but felt that, should I ever actually have a requirement, it would make better sense to buy a then-current FireWire device.

    My only qualm is that the CRT may age to the point where the screen is unusable in five or so years' time, but hopefully I'll have enough money for the 19" G7 eMac at that point.

    Seriously, the eMac is a fine machine. Go ahead and buy one. What was that? That's what you planned to do anyway? Oh...
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    The eMac is basically an iMac with a CRT and an ugly case. It seems to be kind of the ugly duckling of the Mac lineup, but deep down it is just a good. If you see tests comparing the two, the eMac actually BEATS the iMac in some things, and the iMac wins others. They really are very comparable machines. Once the iMac's get the G5, it will be a different story, but as of now, its mainly the monitor and the big price differnce. But who knows, you might think the iMac is stupid too :p
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    Oh please!!!... I have an eMac with superdrive & a powermac G4... I burn all sorts of DVDs with the eMac... It's fine- factor in the cost & it's a great home user set-up... Sure the powermac is a better set-up, but don't make it sound like the new emacs are useless... I wouldn't run a video editing business with one or anything- but it's been fine for my use which is about 8-10 ,-1-2 hr DVDs a week, more soon with football season starting up...
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    Bingo. I convert video all the time, and let's not forget my high-level Photoshop work I do on my eMac. Whomever says that eMacs are bad computers simply don't know what the hell they're talking about.
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    Yeah, and of course those pesky G4's don't run OSX...right :rolleyes: :D

    The eMac is a very underratted machine. If I had the deskspace for it,I would have purchased an eMac instead of my 17" iMac flatscreen. I do like the width of my iMac and the form factor is awesome, but for the money, eMac is a great machine that can do most anything great.
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    Brother Michael

    The only problem I have with the eMac and the iMac is the simple fact that you cannot do a dual display on either. If they (Apple...duh) would include the mini-vga/dvi port like they do the iBook and Powerbook, I would be totally cool with both machines.

    But since I plan on doing video editing I am having a really really hard time trying to pick an eMac over an older Power Mac G4 ...it is however still in the running simply due to the price/currentness.

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    How about any institution that needs to burn DVDs? DVD burners are dirt cheap and are shipping as standard equipment all over the place. Blank DVD media is also cheap, and getting cheaper. The DVD burner is the new CD burner, ie: almost ubiquitous. At the same time, the amount of data people generate is getting larger, and people are moving their data around between more places, eg: work, home and school. Superdrives aren't just for authoring movie projects.

    As for eMacs only being useful for web and wordprocessing, I'm kind of scratching my head on that one. It performs similarly to the 17" and 20" G4 iMacs, better than the Rev B 1GHz 12" and Rev A 1GHz 15" Al PowerBooks, and not too far behind the currently shipping Rev C 12" PowerBook...it's also comparable to the outgoing single processor G4 PowerMac. Would you say all these machines are only suitable for wordprocessing and web use? Have you ever used a 1.25GHz eMac? To claim that it is only suitable for light-duty wordprocessing and web is simply inaccurate.
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    You've obviously never used one. There's a reason people stick up so strongly for their emacs. Oh, and playing a kids game on it at the apple store doesn't count.

    you mean like this?
    at the bottom of the page...

    there's a hack that quite reliably allows you to go dual, instead of mirroring... check http://www.xlr8yourmac.com

    <edit> for those of you thinking about the emac, here's something i've said before that others have said helped: it's the machine that made me realize that i don't need a G5. of course, i still want one, but that's another point...
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    Apple sells the vga adapter directly or in their stores. It's the same mini-vga adapter used on the imac and ibook.

    I bought my refurbished superdrive emac for $849 from the special deals tab on store.apple.com. It was specced as coming with 256 MB of RAM, but actually arrived with 512. With the addition of a 1GB DIMM from transintl.com ($199), the apple mini-vga adapter ($17), the tilt/swivel stand ($59) and a free 19" crt (work surplus), I paid perhaps $1200 in total.

    For $1200 I got an effectively new (with an apple warranty) 1.25 GHz G4 system with 1.5GB ram, a superdrive, and dual monitors on a radeon 9200.

    It won't outperform a G5 or a dual-G4 but it's fast enough for my needs and the bang-for-the-buck is unbeatable. (Well, for a mac. An $800 pc would run rings around it but then it'd be a PC. Like I said, the G4 is fast enough for my needs.)

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    Everything that's been said, while it may be true in some cases, I maintain that I personally have very little use for. While it seems to some to be an "economical" machine I really don't see it as such... rather I find the lack upgradeability to be a severe problem which has pretty much crippled that entire line to anyone but "consumer-end" users. While I'm not a professional myself I'd rather not have to buy a whole new computer every 2-3 years when I can just perform as-needed upgrades to keep it relatively up to date.

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