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Where do you see the iPod 10 years from now?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by p0intblank, Mar 2, 2006.

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    Do you think the iPod will still be the MP3 player of choice 10 years from now? What will the primary model look like? Or do you think 10 years from now many of us will be using small tablet Macs that will be able to play our MP3s in some kind of small fold-up form factor? I think that would be pretty cool. I would love to hear what you guys think the future holds.

    Discuss! :D
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    Ten years from now we might have a real ipod nano....stick that sucka in your hear(its has voice command) and blow your eardrums away which by 2016 they might come up with a way to grow new eardrums.

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    In 10 years from now we won't need a video iPod because people will watch their videos on the Apple Tablet that is just the right size, small enough to be portable and not too big to just go to a laptop. I think the tablets will be similar to those little tablets they carry around on Star Trek.. Very thin and very powerful. Also, as someone said the "real nano", I do see this. just the earbuds and it can hold all your music. Kind of reminds me of the "ipod flea" parody.

    What to wonder about is physical size, I mean there is a limitation to such things as far as memory. How will we resolve this problem and how small will computers and things get. In 10 years will we be able to innovate enough, or just continue building on old ideas?
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    I invision something like the Motorola RAZR advert where the woman's entire flat folds up into the phone.
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    it'll be non existent

    just like the tape's that we used to love
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    I agree, mp3s will be replaced by the next best thing, the iPod will have been replaced about a thousand times and will resemble nothing there is now. I think we'll make the same amount of progress we've made in 20 years in the next ten.
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    A chip inside my head. With virtual sunglasses for video output that you can turn off and use as regular sunglasses. Retails for $299, $60 EDU discounts.
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    phone with MP3-HQ (or whatever).
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    TBH, im not sure exactly how they could make the current design any better than it is......apart fomr minor asthetics and connectivity, better battery life and larger/ higher quality displays, the form factor i would prefer they kept. i really like it as it is, but obviuosly, it is bound to change.

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    we'd probably have mini hard drive implants inside our heads, where we upload all sorts of data. like in that keanu reeves movie
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    two words: bulletproof screen. diggit. Goulet!!!
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    In 10 years ipods will be in thrift stores, pawn shops, attics and closets. The pace of change is getting faster and faster; 1000 GB flash drives in mobile phones will be holding all your media by then; hopefully apple will be making them....
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    I'm sure the same thing was said about the Sony Walkman over 25 years ago as well. :p :cool:

    I think 10 years from now older, rare iPods like the 1G-3G models will be antiques worth lots of money. :D
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    of course we will be using the iPod invisa.

    where is the countdown clock widget?
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    You beat me to it. I was thinking the same thing.
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    Wow, 10 years...I have no idea. I really see phones, music players, video, web surfing, and games all being converged, as they are becoming now. With some high res screens, they'll be like mini latops in your pocket
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    nobody thought that the design of the G3 imac could be improved either...

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