Where Do You Store Your iTunes Library?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by wrkactjob, Jun 16, 2010.

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    With the Airs not having large hard drives do you tend to store your iTunes on a seperate drive? If so what do you use?
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    If I had Air, I would store it in NAS or other computer with file sharing turned own. That way you can access them anywhere in your house and no need for cables
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    I built a server for the house. just like this.........and keep ALL our files there
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    I keep my main iTunes, Aperture library, video library, etc on my 27" i7 iMac.

    I keep my documents etc on the cloud, with local copies synced to all my machines, including my MBA.

    I sync 100% of my music to my 160GB iPod, I keep a relatively small playlist of about ~1500 songs to other devices such as my iPad.

    I keep the original copies of my pictures in Aperture, but I make themed photo albums within Aperture, and I sync those to my various devices.

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    I wish you could sync your iTunes library to mobileme like you can with your iPhoto or Aperture library. That would be perfect.
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    I tried an NAS, but I found that connecting to iTunes was unreliable over wireless. I keep all my content on my 27 inch iMac, and copy it locally as I watch it. If I do stream it across the network, it's my experience that it's much better coming from a shared iTunes library than a NAS.

    I should also say, I've messed with this problem A LOT. I'm a marathoner, and spend at least an hour a day running. In the winter in Boston, that's at least 7 hours a week watching ITMS content. I've pulled my hair out on occasions at the unpredicability of changing your iTunes library to a NAS.

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    Does Apple have a recommended stand alone storage hard drive?
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    The Time Capsule, in a sense. It's really slow, though. I've found the G-drives they sell in their stores to be a great mix of performance and style.
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    I use my Mac Pro for storing my iTunes library! Seriously.

    You can use a NAS but it is slow. I used to do that but I switched to storing the iTunes library locally.
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    Interesting, I had NAS problems as well and gave up on that.

    I think it constantly tries to read the files or something. I had only few movies on the NAS at some point and even that caused trouble.
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    I store it on my linux server raid5 with an afp share. Oh and it has a windows virtual machine in case I need the dvd sharing for a reinstall or something.
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    If you have a NAS, make sure you're accessing it via AFP. There are minor but annoying incompatibilities between SMB and Mac's native file format.

    Another thought is to put your iTunes library into a Sparse Bundle. I did this for iPhoto and it works surprisingly well. Much better than when I simply shared the iPhoto library.
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    Umm ... on the HDD??
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    My iTunes library, which I keep on my MBP, contains alias files for the real movie files, which are stored on a network drive. I discovered the hard way that I simply could not reliably stream those files to my Apple TV from my MBP. I solved it by syncing all of them to the Apple TVs own hard drive where they playback perfectly. Anyway, having the physical file(s) you intend to watch stored on the same device that is to replay them seems to be a necessity, in my setup at least.

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