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Phones Where does the iPhone rank against other phones?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mysterioustko, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Out of curiosity, I'd like to know where people think their iphone ranks against the competition. No I'm not talking about sales, I mean how do you think it holds up against other smartphones? Also, if you have a 4S what do you think makes it better than the iPhone 4 (real world examples, not generic statements like the gpu is faster and it has a faster processor)?
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    If you bought the phone, it probably ranks #1 with you, no?
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    Well i went from a blackberry to iPhone thats like comparing swimming in sewers to Bora Bora :apple:
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    Siri says it best:


    Whatever phone you bought, iPhone or not, you probably bought it because you feel it's the best phone for you.
  5. motoleo, Feb 14, 2012
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    If it's not an iPhone, then why would I want it?
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    Of course this is a subjective question. Where the i ranks is up to the user. I personally think it's the best phone but of course that's my opinion. Opinions are like buttholes, every one has one and they all stink so to each his on.

    Only thing this thread will do is start a poo storm and really serves no purpose except to do that. Have fun yall!
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    My reason for loving my is as it ages it doesn't slow down well for me anyway,When I had blackberries after a few months they slowed down always had the hour glass.i cant and wont speak for Android cause idk but blackberries age terribly
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    i think last year apple introduced many product people are like it and iphone increase many apps and functional and many people use them and really like him i wish apple company introduced more many hard work in this field but apple company great lose steve jobs
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    I have purchased an iPhone but no it doesn't rank #1 with me (for several reasons). What made me ask this is because my uncle challenged me to use a 4S as my phone for a week (he loves his iphone). So I bought a 4S used it for a week as agreed, and promptly went back to my Galaxy Nexus. Anyway, I'm not really trying to turn this into that type of argument though. All in all, he was surprised that after the week ended I went back to my phone instead of keeping the 4S. So after having an interesting discussion with him about it, it made me wonder how other people viewed their iPhone and how the feel it stacks up against the competition. I've found that people's perspectives and reasoning are very interesting when it comes to this (not counting the generic "it just works" statements and other statements of that ilk).
  10. ericrwalker, Feb 15, 2012
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    Exactly what are you trying to achieve from this thread? We already know you don't like the iPhone and you prefer Android. Personally I think iOS is way better than Android, but it's user preference.

    Here is just one thread of several where you constantly state your android preference:

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    It's no mystery. Go to an Apple-oriented website, and the vast majority will say "iPhone > Android." We wouldn't own one and post about them otherwise. Similarly, go to an Androi-oriented website, and the vast majority there will say "Android > iPhone." (Discounting the fact that of course there are Android owners on Apple sites, and vice versa. Only a masochist would deliberately puchase a product they considered inferior.)

    Or are you asking WHY we consider the iPhone to be the superior product, rather than WHETHER we consider that?
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    Everyone is going to have their own opinion about what the best phone is. To me the iPhone 4S is the best phone. Not sure what kind of answer you expected here seeing as it is an iPhone forum. What other real world examples would you like people to provide to you about why the 4S is better then the 4? It's basically the same phone with a better camera and faster.
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    Well as everyone else stated, its all personal opinion and your experiences with the phone.

    I like iPhone's in general. I really enjoyed my 3GS so i moved on to the 4s. One reason being i have quite a few accessories that I've purchased that work very well, and have a 30 pin dock, so won't work with other phones. Lots of people like to say "wow what a waste, what if you don't have an iPhone anymore". To be honest, if i for some reason switch to android, i would just keep the 4s i have now and use it as an iPod so i will still be able to use my accessories. No Biggie there.

    Also I know many people at work and just friends who have an android, and on average i'd say about 75% of them complain about having to restart their phone at least once a day. Now i'm not saying this is a widespread problem, but from my personal experience, that's what I've seen and its annoying, and i wouldn't want to deal with it. Just yesterday a co-worker was trying to show me something and his phone just decided to reboot on its own.

    Also i really like the layout of iTunes, and how i can organize my music. I've been using it since i got my first 1GB iPod nano as a high school graduation present, and i just can't seem to walk away from it.
  14. mysterioustko, Feb 15, 2012
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    ...and now that you're finished with my post history THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS POST.....I'll get back to my post now..I've already stated why I asked this question earlier in the thread..stop trying to make this into something it isn't. If you don't have anything constructive to contribute then move on.

    I'm asking why you consider it to be that (if you indeed do). What is it about it specifically that makes you feel the way you do.

    But there are other fast phones with cameras that are on par with the iPhone's. I get what you're saying but could you give me something a bit more specific?
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    You want specifics on the differences between the iPhone 4 and 4S? The only differences are that the 4S is faster and the better camera and the dual core processor. I mean come on now what other specifics are you looking for that aren't already known? There might be other phones that have better cameras or on par or faster and that's nice, but I love that my iPhone just works and syncs well with my macbook air.
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    Dude, I don't need to look at your post history to remember you, there are at least 3 different threads that you and I both contributed to where you bashed the iPhone and orgasmed over Androids. My memory is fairly good, and this wasn't that long ago.:rolleyes:


    You're wasting your time. He's read his answer on other threads and he's not happy with the answer. He feels if a phone as 5gig of ram and a 6 core 2 GHz processor (with a crappy OS) it's better than a phone with 512 megs of ram and a dual core 1Ghz processor (with a great OS) even if neither phone lags. Why does the 4S need "MORE POWER" if it doesn't lag with the current apps that are available?
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    Yea I know I probably am. I've seen his other posts about the galaxy nexus and wonder why he wastes so much time on an iPhone forum seeing as he is pro android. Don't know why he needs to know other peoples choices for using a phone.
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    You obviously aren't going to get your answer. Most iPhone owners aren't exactly sure why they own one they just feel obligated to do so. My work supplies mine, I like it enough.

    The best reason I can think of is for its audio accessories since most head units support apple devices.
  19. -aggie-, Feb 15, 2012
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    I guess we've now clearly established what the OP is then.:)

    I've never gone to a Droid site to ask stupid questions like this. Just sayin'.
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    Why do you or anyone else care why someone owns an iPhone? There are tons of choices out there. I don't go around asking someone why they own an android or blackberry or windows phone. For me the iPhone works for me. I love that the OS isn't laggy. Don't get why you or anyone needs to know my reasoning on why I like the iPhone.
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    You have no clue what you're talking about. I don't even get into spec wars, and you won't find a single post I've made where I say a phone is better purely because of specs. So again, if you have nothing constructive to contribute, see your way out of the thread. You are attempting to turn this thread into an Android vs iOS thread and that's not what this thread is about. Therefore, if you don't want to share where you think the iphone ranks among the competition and why, then don't respond as you are not contributing to the thread. Thanks. :)

    It's not that I'm Pro Android, I'm pro technology and at any given time have my hands on multiple devices. For example, a week ago I had in addition to my GNex, a 4S, and a T-Mobile GS2. Now I've sold the 4S and currently have a AT&T GS2 in my possession in addition to my Gnex, and I will be picking up the G Note on the 19th. You may personally have an allegiance with one particular device or OS, I have an allegiance to technology as a whole. My uncle is an avid iphone fan and we sit around and discuss technology all the time. We did an experiment where he used a GS2 for a week and I used a 4S and we compared our experiences. When you come out of your little bubble you'd be surprised how interesting it can be to see what other people think about things and why. Hence why I asked the question I asked. So to you I say the same thing I said to the other guy...don't try to turn this into something this isn't. If you aren't going to offer anything constructive to the post then please leave it. Thanks.

    That seems to be the case here. Instead of people giving logical well thought out answers, instead people are rushing to Apple's defense and are attacking me....though I haven't even said anything disparaging about the phone. Just asked a simple question, and people are so insecure in their purchases that they feel compelled to attack me just for asking them how they think their phone stacks up. That is hilarious.
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    I think you confused me with someone that gives a **** what you or other people own.

    I was simply stating the obvious. How many responses are there? How many answers the op question? Can you argue that statistic?

    I don't need anything from you, you seem to be the one that needs something by continually posting in a thread that supposedly uninterest you. You are aware is someone ask a question that you don't like you are not required to answer right?
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    ..See above statement about constructive contribution..
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    OP asked a question I answered it. What real world examples are there gonna be between the iPhone 4 and 4S other then the camera and speed differences? Don't get what exactly OP was looking for.
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    Ok OP I'll play your game.
    Where do you I think the iPhone stacks up against the competition? I think it stacks up well. I think it it holds its own against the other heavyweights. I have had my share of complaints about the phone, but don't get me wrong I still prefer it to other phones. Though to be fair I've never used the other high end phones more than just playing with them in a store or if a friend had one. So my experience with the others is somewhat limited. But as far as my 4S is concerned I think it definitely is at the top of the heap. For one, the App Store is loaded. No other OS can say that like iOS can. The screen is bright and gorgeous. If it were larger I think it might be the best screen on the market. Last but not least, it is fast! I rarely get slowdowns or lag on my phone. I does things and it does them quickly.

    Where do I think it ranks? Well that one it depends on what you're talking about. Some things like cloud services and customization obviously it won't be number 1. But when you talk about smoothness and simplicity, it's easily #1. So I guess as far as ranking it goes, it really just depends on what you're measuring it by and how much weight you give different aspects.

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