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Where Is Apple Chancery

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by no1wammy, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I'm trying to find this hidden system font. I know that it can be referenced in HTMLs and word docs, but I can't see it. Reason for wanting Apple Chancery is simple: add it to Windows XP.

    Version: Apple Mac OX 10.6.8

    Where can I find Apple Chancery?
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    Just open up your Font Book app, type in apple chancery and it should appear in your list.
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    It DOES appear.

    I was trying to find it in the Fonts folder manually, but it didn't show up. You actually had to search for that font using Font Book, then right-click and choose "Reveal In Finder." Apparently, the file stays hidden until you request the Finder to reveal it for you.

    Quick Update: XP couldn't accept Chancery because it reports the file is damaged.
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    On my computer, Apple Chancery is a .dfont which doesn't work with Windows. I don't know if your version of Apple Chancery is a .dfont, a TrueType font (or a PostScript font), or an OpenType font but if it is a .dfont and if you want to use it on Windows and you'll have to convert it.

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    This is true. However, Apple changed the file extension of the Apple Chancery font file to .ttf. I gather that it cannot be installed on Windows because Apple Chancery is protected.

    no1wammy is mistaken about two things:
    1. Apple Chancery is not a hidden font. It resides in plain view in the /Library/Fonts/ folder.
    2. Apple Chancery is not a System font. /System/Library/Fonts/ is the fonts folder for the System. /Library/Fonts/, where Apple Chancery resides, is MacOS X's global user font folder.
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    Very good information. Has Apple given up on using Datafork TrueType fonts (.dfont)? I know that many designers and prepress people had problems with the .dfonts originally but I hadn't heard much about it for a while.


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