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Where is my protein?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Falleron, Oct 31, 2002.

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    I have been crunching "p145_1L2Yunf" for about 4 days straight now!! This is on a 1Ghz G4. Now, I just looked at the stats page + my protein is not listed! Whats going on?


    Any ideas?
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    Re: Where is my protein?

    Check to see if it was transmitted or not. ~/Library/Folding@home/FAHlog.txt

    I'd give it a day or 2. If it doesn't show up by then, then it might have not been recieved: or dare I say rejected. Good luck w/that.
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    I am still crunching the protein! It is doing about 15 frames per day! Really hard going.
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    Some protiens are just a lot more work than others... I say let it run its course.
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    you'll get a lot of points for that, so i guess it's worth the wait :)

    your crunch ratio will be real high: something to be proud of

    you know what they say: a watched [protein] never boils
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    I dont mind it taking as long as it needs. However, I will be a bit miffed if I dont get credit for it. My machine has been running it for about 8 hours a day and over 4/5 days now + its still is not finished! I estimate another 1 or 2 days left.

    UPDATE: Finished it + it was a 6 pointer.

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