Where is my User Picture located at?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by toasty hoodie, Dec 11, 2011.

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    toasty hoodie

    Running Lion. I took a picture when I set up OSX to set as my user picture and I can't find it anywhere on the computer.

    Can someone tell me where it is located?
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    Did you try searching with Finder?
    ScreenCap 4.PNG
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    toasty hoodie

    But I don't know what it's even named. Or what to type.
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    Did you see the image I posted? Enter a space in the search field. That search will find all pics modified in the past day.
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    toasty hoodie

    I was unable to find it. But it's still set as my UP.

    I remember when I got my Mac (about 2 months ago now) I set up Lion and it prompted me to take a photo or choose one from my Library. I took one with my girlfriend.I looked in PhotoBooth and multiple other places, but nothing.
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    toasty hoodie

    Can anyone else help with this issue? I really would like to grab this picture as it is a good one of me and my girlfriend
  7. StevenMeyer, Dec 17, 2011
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    I am not sure of the exact location but I am pretty sure its in /etc which you cannot view outside of terminal without targeting. (I think)

    FOUND IT!!!!
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    toasty hoodie

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    Glad someone found it! You'd think you could just copy it in and out through the system settings or something.
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    Is this automatically deleted at some point? Yesterday I accidentally changed my user picture and wanted this one back. However, I can't find it in /Library/Caches. There's nothing that begins with com.apple.user.

    Running OSX Lion, btw.
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    The link doesn't work anymore..:(

    Is there anyone out there that can shed a light on this? I, too, really like my user picture and would love to use it for other things as well..

    Cheers! :)
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    here's a youtube video i found that teaches you how to find ur profile picture
    really easy~


    --> find yourself in address book
    --> drop and drop the pictures in the address book to desktop then.. DONE!
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    I found a way to do it!
    1. Go to your contacts/address book
    2. Find yourself
    3. Change your profile picture to the picture you want to save
    4. Click on the picture so that it has the blue thing around it (just shows that you clicked on it)
    5. Press Command + C
    6. You can go on iMessage and paste!

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