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Where is Photo Stream on iCloud?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Trance, Oct 12, 2011.

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    i took photos with my iPhone does it automatically sync to iCloud then onto my computer?

    i can't find photosteam on iCloud.com
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    just click your apple id,you'll find it.
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    Click where...
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    Can't access photo stream on iCloud.com. Make sure it is turned on in Settings--> iCloud. Then on the iPhone there will be a new album called Photostream. If you're using Lion with all the relevant updates (10.7.2, iPhoto) your Photostream will be synced into iPhoto.
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    Well I bet that is the problem, I have a Lion update I am installing right now, I just installed Lion today and didn't think about having to update it. I am sure this will fix the issues.
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    Can you actually see the photos on iCloud.com? I'm using a PC and I can see the Photostream album on my iPhone.
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    there's no gallery on iCloud.com if thats what you mean, you can only see photostream on your iOS devices and a mac or windows PC.
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    That is a bit absurd; a cloud service not available on the web :confused:
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    Thanks. That clears that up, though it is a bit weird that it's not there. It would have been great for people who only have one iDevice and a PC like me.
  10. shandyman, Oct 14, 2011
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    You can see them on a PC
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    Wish my photo stream would Reset keep getting a server error message grrr... looks like im stuck with test pictures for 30 days lol
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    Yes, after installing some software. Isn't browser access from anywhere one of the strengths of cloud systems?
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    I can't find the photo stream on iCloud either; I open iCloud.com and I type my Apple ID and password and all I can see is my mail, contacts, calendar & find my phone. and in case if there's no gallery on iCloud; where can I find my synced and stored photos??
    there's a photo stream album on my phone but has only 7 photos out of 400!
    and when I connected it to the same WiFi as my laptop ; now I have the same photos (the 400) Twice!!

    Can someone help me understand this ? and why can't I find the photos on icloud ?

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    Photos are not on iCloud.com. They're only on the devices.
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    When I first logged into iCloud.com, my photostream was there. So it is on the site. It's not showing on there anymore for some reason now.
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    I've used iCloud since the first dev betas, and theres never been an option to view Photo Stream items from the web interface.
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    Same here. There was never photo stream on iCloud.com. The only thing there that's photo stream is the option to reset it hidden away in the Advanced menu.
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    Mee too, been logging on to iCloud for three months and have never seen photo stream there.
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    I saw it like the first day that it was officially released.
    There was an extra icon that said "photos." Then later in the day it disappeared.
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    I've been using it daily since it opened at beta, including launch day, there was no icon. Plus if there was someone woulda posted it here with a pic on the day, as macrumors forum members are that pedantic :p
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    iCloud has been described as a synchronization tool as compared to services like DropBox or Carbonite. And as an off-site backup service where you get the whole thing back at once.
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    Could there also be one more fly in the ointment? The instructions say that you have to have Vista (w/ Service Pack 2) or Windows 7 to use iCloud BUT I am using XP and can see it and move around in it but it MIGHT not work entirely for me because I am not current enough in my operating system. Is that possible?
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    You need vista SP2 or win7 to use the iCloud control panel for windows, tho there may be work arounds for it or it may just work. Otherwise no hope.

    When you say you can see it and move around in it, do you mean the website iCloud.com? If so, that's totally separate from the control panel and isn't OS specific.
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    Thanks for clarifying that. I can't see it on my XP machines and so have to use a windows7 machine to enjoy the new iCloud goodness. I am afraid that it is a bit confusing at first.
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    While I get the whole "it's only a sync thing" I find photo stream rather, well, odd that you can't actually view the photos in the stream directly.

    And I certainly don't "get" the logic in only showing photo stream photos on a go forward basis. I have had an iPhone 4S for over a week now, and have taken many photos. Well today I finally got iPhoto updated for photo stream on my MB Air and... well no photos from photo stream. Only ones I take from now on. That seems absurd that I can't get photos just because I am only using it now. The photos are on iCloud but I just can't see them on my AIr. Nice. Ugh.


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