where is the Jay-Z album "American gangster"???

Discussion in 'iPod' started by princealfie, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Where is this album? Can't believe that it's not on iTunes.
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    I got it on Amazon's mp3 store becasue it wasnt working on iTunes, plus a dollar cheaper.
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    I read somewhere that the new Jay-Z wasn't going to be on a service that would allow track-by-track downloads, saying it's like how movies aren't sold scene-by-scene.

    Here's a link to 1 article that explains it:

    Chicago Sun-Times article

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    that's interesting but why didn't itunes allow for a one click for the whole album to be downloaded... also I found this album piecemeal on vcast!!! ???

    hmm... don't understand why vcast charges for song by song rather than the whole album?
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    I pre-ordered it and it downloaded yesterday but I didn't receive the music video for Blue Magic like iTunes promised.. I'm pissed..
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    Yea 'cause I'm sure the entire album is just that good :rolleyes:
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    actually the whole album isn't bad but it's certainly no Reasonable Doubt that's for sure!
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    This was a weak effort from HOV. I bought the CD at borders, I shouldn't have. The only 2 songs I will listen to are blue magic and Roc Boys.
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    the mix tape version is better. Not great, but better.

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