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Where is the switch that puts the magic smoke back in my G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by cybertron3, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Back at the beginning of my senior year in college, my G5 died on me. It was a Dual 2Ghz (Rev A - Tho the mobo says rev C) I came back to my room one day to find it was not waking up from sleep. I did the usual quick fix attempts and finally went to hard reset it. When I touched the power button, nothing happened. It was still on, but unresponsive. I grabbed the top handle to pull it out and unplug it, but just about burned myself on it. The case was practically on fire- and not like the bottom of my powerbook in the summer- I had to grab an oven mit to pull it out! So, I unplugged it, let it sit, blew can-o-air through it and so fourth. I took it to the apple store (NH) the following morning. The genius took the processors out and tried each individually and looked at it for a while. He said he thought it was the logic board. So, today I finally took it completely apart and examined the motherboard and processors (but did not remove the heat sinks from the CPUs or the chipset on the mobo). Everything looks aok. When I plug it in and turn it on, I get a red LED on the motherboard and no other sign of life. What should I do with it? Is there a way to determine the broken parts for sure? Can I sell it as-is and get anything decent for it? Should I sell the parts as is? I know some parts were able to survive because I am using the HD and ram in my new computer. Any recommendations?
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    Why don't you get it repaired?
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    I seriously thought this was going to be a story about turning an old G5 case into a bong.
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    As for getting it repaired, the repair cost is about $150 cheaper than a new G5. (I bought a new dual 2.3 at the time).

    And I may yet turn the case into a bong- lol.

    Can I just plug in the motherboard by itself to the PS and get a tone or something to indicate life?
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    LOL "magic smoke" :D

    The G5 case has about 327 too many holes...lol
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    never underestimate the creative power of the herbal enthusiast
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    How old is it?
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    I was on the wait-list to get the first G5 at the NH (salem) apple store. So... not very old... maybe a year and a half
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    And your not under AppleCare?
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    Applecare isn't compulsary.

    But jeez, the last time a similar thing happened to my PC (or Pee Cee, or whatever you want to call it!) is like never? Really shame on Apple's QC :(
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    while it may not be the smartest thing not to get it. The fact is apple care is pretty poor compared to others. I think it is one of the worst extented warrenties in the industry. Way to limitied and it is easily voided. Dell by far offers a better warrenty.
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    Sadly that's true.
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    Catch all fixer-upper

    Resetting the PMU has saved my G4 plenty of times. Not even sure if the new G5s have that button, but it's worth a search through the discussions on the Apple support site.

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    I wish to disagree...My extended warranty (3rd party...it was "free") with my iBook expired in Feb, and the bloody company still owes me close to $200...8 months after I submitted the claim. I suppose I should write a letter, but I doubt that'll do any good. They are such a fraud, it's not even funny. Maybe I should go on a letter writing campaign to editors at major newspapers...haha. It's not even about the money anymore, I just want to make their lives miserable.
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    I am now- lol.

    But no, I was not at the time... This is the first problem I've had with one of my macs. To date, I've had a IIgs, Quadra605, PM8600/200, Beige G3/300, TiBook667, G5/2x2 (Broke), and G5/2.3x2... Overall, I guess my luck has been fairly good.

    Oh, and I tried the PMU with no luck.
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    Your G5 is toast. Donate it and take a tax write-off.
  17. adk
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    I vote part it out. And keep the case to make a bong :D

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