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Where is the terminal ?

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by Fxparlant, May 7, 2006.

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    hello all,

    first thank you for this site and especially for the wiki (guides). I just wanted to add a comment on th [[Terminal]] page, but it seems I have to wait to have five posts to register... so I ask my question here:

    Please, can someone add a few lines at the top of the Terminal guide to simply tell where to find / start it. I suggest this step be included in the "stub" template for all pages about core softwares.

    For exemple, I just wanted to change the settings of the screenshot (jpg instead of png) and your page said to use the terminal... but the page about Terminal didn't say.

    Thanks for giving us plenty of so useful informations to us, starters

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    I modified the terminal page...is that what you had in mind? Or am I mis-understanding you?
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    Thanks a lot

    Hi all, especially Mkrishnan,

    Thanks for inserting so quickly the information on the Terminal page. It's exactly what I meant. The custom on wikipedia is to add the question in the "discussion" page, but I need to post five times in this forum before being allowed to register in the wiki.. actually, I think it is a great idea, because your action was really efficient.

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    Glad to help. :) Actually, it was a learning experience for me. I have never contributed to a Wiki before. :)
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    You can edit discussion pages (as well as a few select articles) without registering.

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