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Where to buy Applecare?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AutoUnion39, Dec 22, 2012.

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    I have three days left to purchase it. Where can I get a good deal on applecare for my MacBook Air?
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    Well you are technically suppose to register AppleCare before the 1 year ends - if you purchase from a 3rd party seller they dont email you code. A box is sent with code in it. So other than Apple you may be out of luck. Unless you call Apple ask for exemption to be made.

    Best place to purchase is from B&H Video.
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    For 13 Inches : LINK

    For 15 Inches : LINK
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    Try just calling Apple. Saves them from physically examining the laptop. Prices should be about the same across the board.
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    Out of stock for his model - his warranty expires in 3 days
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    With 3 days left on your warranty call Apple directly or go to an Apple store to buy it immediately. Any place you can get a discount on it will take too long to ship it to you.

    Do not wait until the last day.
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    L.A. computer consistently has the best prices for AppleCare.
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    IS LA Computer reliable place to buy Applecare ? I will be buying one for MBP 13 soon and just want to make sure they are autorized and reliable. Anyone here have any experience with LA Computer in past ?
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    That was easy.
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    So Apple isn't the best place to buy applecare?
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    I had Applecare from LA Computer rejected in the past. At the time they said they lost any official reseller status.

    Apple reserves the right to reject any Applecare not purchased through them.

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    Why not buy from Apple? If you know any teacher / college student you can get a discount. It's $183 then with the discount for the 13" models.

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