Where to buy Fifth Gen. iPod nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ty7u5, Oct 1, 2011.

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    While I was on a bus trip the other day, I was playing around with my friend's iPod nano 5G, while I own a 6G, I realized all the amazing features that the 5G has that the 6G lacks. So my question is, is there anywhere that I can purchase an iPod nano 5G, in the original packaging, preferably for under $300?
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    If you find a source, let us know. :)

    Apple had some in the refurb store a couple of months back, and I could kick myself for not buying one then.
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    Same here, I was gonna buy one, then all the suddon any that were available online disappeared, there were also some on Best Buy at one point.
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    It sounds odd, but as recently as last month, I saw some old 5th gen iPod Nanos in the case at my local Target. All mostly purple and a few pink, I believe, but at least they had Clickwheels!

    I'd suggest to just check the retailers that aren't electronics giants. Target, KMart, etc.
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    ebay? unless im reading this wrong.
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    A while back, toward the very beginning of this year, I was in the market for one. I was hoping for blue; no dice. However, there was a silver one in the Apple refurb store, so I picked it up while I had the chance.

    I haven't seen a 5th gen in the Refurb store since.

    (yeah, I know, cool story bro and all that)

    Anyway, a quick Google search shows a 16 Gb 5th gen available through Sears online for... get this... over $330. :eek:
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    Yeah, I did some searching and found that one. I found a few hits on refurb models that were cheaper, but I don't know that I would buy a refurb model from anywhere besides Apple.

    Sadly, those are all the same as above. Even the 8GB new models are $200 and up. There are some refurb models on Amazon through 3rd parties, but again, I don't feel confident getting a refurb from someone other than Apple.
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    I don't think you're going to get one brand new without paying an arm and a leg, unfortunately. If I were you, I would just try to find a really good condition one locally on Craigslist. Not much wear and tear could happen mechanically and functionally under normal use that won't happen to one that's in a package.

    My concern would be the condition of the battery and how its been maintained. Personally, I would prefer one that's been used and recharged compared to one that's been in its package and on its first charge for almost 2 years now. Something to think about, I suppose.

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