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Where to buy Leopard 10.5?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Bimmi, Sep 8, 2009.

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    I'm pretty much resigned to another year with Ye Olde G5, and I'd like to get it properly set up with Leopard. Most of the retailers I've checked are sold out, however, and I'm seeing some nasty pricetags on the few that are left.

    So, anyone know where I could get a single-user 10.5 install at a reasonable price?
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    eBay is always an option.
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    Wow, I just looked at Amazon. Didn't take long for the vultures to reprice it. eBay? Marketplace?
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    Yeah, I was thinking amazon too, but that's just nuts. Does the snow leopard box set come with 10.5?
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    I appreciate the offers, but I'm strictly after a retail purchase.

    I'm amazed that the supply has run out so quickly. The only decent prices I can find are from places I've never heard of. Surely someplace reputable still has it in stock?
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    Well, retail is going to be hard for a product that has been discontinued. That's how Apple does it...eBay or one of us is your best option
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    Just a friendly reminder... in addition to the OP's request only for retail sources, please do NOT make offers to sell (or buy) any products from other forum members outside the Marketplace forum. Eligible members are always welcome to create new threads there; other members may read the rules posted under FAQ/rules for more information about marketplace eligibility.

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    Serves me right for dragging my feet I guess, but I didn't think they'd all be gone so quickly.

    eBay... oy... the very name twists in my gut (I have not had good experiences with eBay)
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    I'm sure you'll find lot of copies listed here once 10.6.1 is released.

    I'd sell mine but I still have a PPC Mac.
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    I've tried all the obvious places already.

    They is out.
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    Probably a stupid question, but have you tried calling your local Apple Store?
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    I will try my local Apple store, though I'm sure to pay full price if they have any. I'd hoped to find it discounted somewhere in the wake of Snow Leopard, as opposed to gone, but I guess that's not really how it works with Apple, is it?
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    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they discounted the software. They often sell old machines at a discount to make way for new stock. Of course, your mileage may vary.

    Then again, if I were you I'd just stick with Tiger. I always thought it was a much more stable OS than Leopard, and actually downgraded from Leopard to Tiger on my iBook.
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    Apple likes to pretend that everything before the current model/software never existed.
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    Eric S.

    Hmm, 10.4 was available from the online Apple Store for a long time after 10.5 was released. I'm surprised to see that 10.5 is not there, especially since 10.6 is supposedly only an upgrade.
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    They're sweeping PPC under rug. *Magic hand wave* Wait, what is a PPC? What am I talking about! :apple:
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    buy.com has leopard for $129. newegg quit selling Apple products..??

    i would call Apple stores near you, and maybe even some Best Buys', or even some Apple authorized resellers.
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    Eric S.

    But PPC isn't the issue. What if you had an Intel system with a blank disk? I know installing Snow Leopard will probably work anyway, but theoretically at least you're supposed to install Leopard on it first. It's kind of hard if Apple isn't selling Leopard.
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    Nah, you just have to legally have the right to Leopard. If they wanted to require you to be installing on top of Leopard, they would have required it in the installer. Besides, even if you DON’T have Leopard, you can still buy the Box Set and be completely within your legal rights to install it without Leopard. There is nothing about SL that requires Leopard other than the pricing.
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    you can still get it from the Apple store although you might have to call to order it.....no discounts though
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    I assume you were looking for Leopard 10.5 for Single User. that's $200 on amazon.com.

    but the 5 user family pack is around $150, and the box set with iLife and iWork '09 is the same.

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