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Where to buy power cord for ATV 3rd gen?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ericinboston, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Hi. Where can I purchase a power cord for my Apple TV 3rd generation (released in 2012)? I don't see it on apple.com or amazon or ebay.

    Weblinks would be very helpful in your reply.

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    If you ask Apple they might send you a replacement since the unit is still under warranty. I would call them, rather than visiting a store.

    I had lost my iMac power cable in a recent move. I called Apple and they sent me a new one overnight, free of charge.
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    Yeah, that is going to be best solved by asking Apple.
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    I called them and they are sending me out another...free of charge! Sweet!!
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    FYI it's a bog standard shaver cord here in North America.
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    Do you have a link(s)? I Google and Amazon shows some Norelco cords...much much thinner than what I currently have for a power cord.

    I'm not an electrical guru but there's more to just the cord fitting the hole...I thought there were specs (of the cord) on the amount of current fed through it, etc.
  7. Azzin, Apr 24, 2012
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    I bought an ATV back from NYC recently (to the UK) and so the power lead was mouse to me.

    I binned it and ordered a "figure of 8" power lead from Amazon.

    Job done. :)
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    It's just a regular A/C power cord, not an A/C adapter. Current isn't "fed" through the cable, the device draws how much it needs. Physical plug size is important, but as the guy right above me says, the figure 8 cord works fine.

    I found this with a little searching:

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    I just bought a 10 foot one on ebay. Amazon sells them too.
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    FYI That is not the correct cable at that link anymore, you need non-polarized.
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    Usually every household has 5-10 of these lying around.

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