Where to get 720p content and other observations

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by KDR, Mar 30, 2007.

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    I just picked up an Apple TV last night. Very impressed at how quickly if found my PC and started syncing. An extra that I had not considered was the compatibility with Photoshop Elements. I got it set up to sync photos with ease. They look fantastic and are fun to watch as a slideshow or screen saver. Next challenge is to figure out how to capture and convert hdv content from my camcorder.

    Now to my main point. I have seen people mention that they are downloading 720p files. I would like to try streaming these as I am hard-wired to my pc and I think it ought to work well. Where is everybody getting this content from?

    As to all the complaints about it's limits, I think people are really missing the point. Perhaps the name "Apple TV" implies more than what it is currently intended to do, however I am sure it will get there. For me, it is essentially a permanent livingroom ipod with extra benefits. In addition to decent video capabilities it has optical audio output for superior sound quality and I no longer have to take my ipod which was essentially permanently attached to the stereo over to the computer to sync every time I bought a new song. Besides, it's now a heck of a lot easier to search through my music from the couch.

    Great product! Expectations are way too high. For all the complainers, Sony has a product that does it all. Only problem - it costs $3k.
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    legally your options are probably Movie Trailers.

    If you download the latest Azureus and browse the HD section you can find plenty of 720p .mov files.
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    Via BootCamp, you can rip HD-DVD/BluRay, and there are tools for at least some discs that work to get a 720p rip. I have about 3-4 right now.

    (Windows is currently only needed for the rip itself, the re-encode can usually be done with OS X tools)
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    Oh, also agree with you on the whole hacking / apple tv thing.

    If/when I get one I doubt I'm going to be modding it... kinda defeats the point. If I wanted to hack I would go back and play with the XBMC.
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    Am I correct that the iTunes trailers are not 720p? If so, where can I find 720p trailers?
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    Some of them are... you have to specifically download the 720p trailers. The ones built into ATV... I'm not sure I'm assuming they are the 640x480 ones.
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    There are two torrent sites that I know of that host HD videos. This is 720p all the way up to 1080p. The files are very big but the quality is beautiful and almost all videos are packaged with AC3 or DTS. The quality of these files are leaps and bounds better than what Apple or a DVD (non HD) can produce.

    Legal? Well no but until Apple steps their store up to HD I won't look twice at it.

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    What are the sites

    What are those torrent sites that you are talking about?
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    Careful, you've enetered into a gray/black area that can get you in trouble on MR.
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    can core duo macbook/imac play 720p content without a hitch?

    i only ask as my macbook's HD got fried last night while playing a 720p with AC3 avi file.. i've never tried this before, so the first time i did, the HD get fried.. is that just coincidence?

    I hope Apple start to release 720p content soon, but waiting for the movie content in general here in UK!!
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    I have a 2.16GHz C2D MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM and I play 720p files without a hitch. I could probably play higher quality without problems either. I would conclude that the file wasn't the cause of your friends problem.

    If anyone wants to know the HD torrent sites, just PM me. I don't want the MacRumors piracy police to come after me.

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    Support your favorite movies and shows!

    Please support your favorite actors/actresses, movies, shows, etc. by purchasing original content.

    If DVDs are too expensive, wait until they are on sale, purchase old rentals, or while they're in the bargin bin (I do).

    Also, download shows from legit sources. I kept hounding Apple to post Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. They finally did. So, in turn (even though I usually buy the DVDs), I purchased some episodes.

    As far as 720p content, I did purchase a couple of episodes of Star Trek and Enterprise from XBox Live. The pictures are great, though it makes me want the high-def discs in 1080. I assume Apple will provide 720p content as well soon.

    Look for legal free stuff or purchase online - it tells the studios and the content providers what you really want.

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