Where to live in CA, when working for Apple

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by daisymuffin, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I have a GSD and got a job at Apple, Cupertino. Where would be the best places to look for a place to rent?
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    Not sure why your asking these here.

    But Craigslist is a great place to look, the vast majority of online ads for apartments are found on it.
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    If that is the case, I would assume their HR is more than knowledgeable and competent enough to have advice or options. Heck, my old university's HR had its own set of low interest loans if you wanted to live within a certain range from the school.

    No idea why you'd ask here instead.
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    Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale.

    Those places are close and where most employees live.

    Look on Craigslist for specifics.
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    Under the 280 overpass.
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    Not east palo alto. Otherwise pretty much anywhere in the peninsula.

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