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Where to look for Mac games?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Captain Planet, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Captain Planet

    I'd like to know if there's other websites where they sell games for Macs other than Apple. I've looked a few places but I can't find that many...
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    What's wrong with the Apple Store?

    It depends on your country. Play.com (UK) sells Mac games. As does Amazon.com.
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    Captain Planet

    Well there's nothing really wrong... but there's not that many games. I know Mac hasn't got quite a big collection yet but still, there should be more than what's currently on their website (Apple). Or I could be completely wrong.
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    There are not a lot of the more popular games as that of a Windoze PC. Apple has never really gotten on board with Game Developers. And even now a lot more games are for Consoles and not even the PC. Look at Madden 09 for example. But try this site;


    And if all else fails do a Google Search for "Mac Games".

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    macs are not primarily gaming machines. you could install windows and go that route for all the games you want...
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    That's what I had to do, I did the Bootcamp route and I am now playing Combat Arms and AA, I tried to install/run a game form John Goo but nothing happened, then I decided to give up and play for free [Combat Arms].

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    Amazon.com sells Mac compatible Games.

    Macs are not gaming machines because developers choose not to create Mac native games for them. The way to get more Mac games is to buy the games that do come out for the Mac and maybe we'll see more of them. :)
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    Check out eBay, you can find some good deals on games for Mac OS there. :)

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