Where to sell my mbp online?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Anthony81586, Jan 2, 2013.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows a good website to sell my MBP? I know about ebay and Craigslist but I'd like to post it on a more Mac enthusiast site. Sort of how the mobile nations are to their respective OS's. is there something like that for Macs? Thanks.
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    Your plan might backfire on you. A Mac enthusiast could likely be better informed and more demanding in their buying decisions, offering a lower price than a Mac neophyte, who might not be as aware of a particular Mac's value. eBay and Craigslist appear to be the two most popular venues.
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    Thanks for the reply. The reason I asked is because looking at the pricing on eBay or Craigslist are for base-type models with no hardware upgrades, which is a good bit lower than what I'm looking for. Someone with more knowledge might understand why the price is higher than the norm rather than just assuming I'm priced wrong.
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    If you clearly specify the upgrades in your ad, I think most people would understand the justification for a higher price.
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    Okay, I'll probably go that route. But the short answer to my question is no then, right?
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    Have you considered selling here on MR?
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    The OP doesn't yet qualify for access to the Marketplace.

    Marketplace Rules - Mac Guides
    This may answer some questions about the policy: Announcement: Major changes for the Marketplace forum
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    Maybe it's just not showing up on tapatalk, but aside from this forum I don't see anything on here being used as strictly a buy/sell forum. I didn't want to break any forum rules or anything and post a WTS thread.


    That would do it then. I've spent a lot time on here but I don't post very often.


    According to that I should have access. I've been a member over a year which is way past the 180 day requirement


    Okay, I don't have both the posting minimum and the time required.
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    Your thread just made me FINALLY sign up.
    I've been an avid viewer of this forum for many years, guess now I need to put in some logged time.
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    Yea, it's a little frustrating but I guess that's their way of curbing the spam and stuff like that.
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    I would advocate the Craigslist route: free listing, no shipping charges, buyer can test drive machine. The last one is especially attractive when one is spending this kind of money. You can set up the meet in a place that is convenient and safe such as my favorite, an Apple store.
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    I too didn't know there was a marketplace here. I would highly recommend the ebay route vs. craigslist. With C/L you're more likely to end up in someone's trunk while they enjoy your macbook and cash. It's worth the fees in my opinion!

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