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Where to test and play with Wacom?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mhnajjar, Jun 29, 2008.

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    My wife is an artist and I would like to get her a Wacom for her birthday this week. My only problem is that I have never ever seen any Wacom on display to test it and have a feeling for it so I can decide which one to get her.

    I would like to know where to find a Wacom on display in the US and more specifically in Colorado :D

    Thanks :)
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    Wacom is a company name. They produce digitizers for tablet PCs, graphic tablets and their flagship model the Cintiq which is a graphic tablet/monitor combo.

    Choosing an input device depends on need, cost and personal preference. Graphic tablets come in a variety of sizes and aspect ratio. Although the drawing area can map to the dimension of the screen, some find a larger tablet easier to work with while other prefer the smaller profile of a 4x6 tablet. I previously owned the Intuos3 6x11 tablet and currently own the 20" Cintiq (20WSX). I prefer working with the Cintiq and feel it is more accurate because you are working directly on the image.


    I have never seen any Wacom product on display for customers to play with.

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    They had a few on display at Circuit City.
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    There are almost a hundred of computers on display on every electronics retailer and non of these :eek:

    Okay, I might get her the Intuos3 12x19 even though I really like the Cintiq but she is not that much into digital drawing. (she prefers old fashion :D)
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    Wacom has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can give it a test run for about a month. Try to get something she may like, and if it's not exactly what she wants, you can always trade it for another. That's another great reason to go with Wacom.
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    Then why are you looking for a Wacom tablet?
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    When deciding on the size, go by her current display. Is it a widescreen? I have the 6x11" Intuos 3 tablet, and it works well with a 22" or 24" widescreen monitor. Regardless of which you decide on, your wife will need a bit of time to adjust to using the tablet vs. drawing on paper.

    Just make sure the store you purchase from has a decent return policy. Thirty days may be enough time for her to either get used to it, or decide it's not for her, but I'd purchase as near to her birthday as possible, to give her as much of those 30 days to try it out as you can.

    Good luck to you, it's a fab gift imo. :)
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    Thanks to all of you for the great information and I hope she will like it :)

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