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where's the apple merchandise!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by krossfyter, Jan 18, 2002.

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    I have to say...

    that was one of the most lame websites I've ever seen....
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    yeah its up there somewhere.
    ive seen worse.
    as far as what the site is for.

    as for the design...well at least its clean and sticks to white and pastel colors while being not so formal.
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    wat the hell?
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    thats what i was saying when i opened it.
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    Apple Merchandise

    Well, that was a worthless, crappy site to vist.

    But, there was something on there that I'd like to comment on:

    "Heck, if Coca-Cola can sell their logo-branded kitsch in dedicated stores, Apple certainly

    Well, whoever you are, you hit the nail on the head. Steve Jobs HATES logo-related caps, cups, pen-pencil sets, keyrings, etc. As long as he's iCEO of Apple, you won't be seeing that stuff in the Apple stores, nor on the Apple site, because he considers such things "logo-branded kitsch."

    (thank goodness for redlightrunner.com!)
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    Re: Apple Merchandise

    Yes sir. :D
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    at the Apple store in Cupertino....they sell all kinds of Apple related merchandise....


    that's where I got my keychain... ;)
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    Yuppers, at the Apple Corporate Headquarters store, which is, thank goodness, open to the public.

    But never in any of the Apple stores peppered around the country.
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    odd.... :confused:
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    ooh send me a keychain!!

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