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which 13 is best

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tim100, Nov 28, 2010.


which 13

  1. 13 mba with 4 gig of ram upgrade

    58 vote(s)
  2. 13 mbp

    11 vote(s)
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    vote in poll
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    Which is best for what ?
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    Dude, don't ask questions. Just.. vote in poll. Which is best. Vote. In poll. :D
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    I'm not 6. The question is incomplete, anyone with a 4th grade education can see that.
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    I most certainly know that, no need to get testy. Just thought the thread was so ridiculous to begin with.
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    Apple OC

    MBP is better ... user upgrade trumps non user upgrade :cool:
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    for using it as a laptop.....
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    I voted for an MBA. We'll see how things change with the next MBP refresh.
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    Both are laptops, which is best for what purpose ? What compromises are you willing to live with or which compromises can't you live with at all ? What needs to you have to fill ?

    Etc.. Incomplete question is incomplete.

    I have a low tolerance level for this kind of thread that just wastes space on the forum.
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    MBA is lighter and has a nicer screen. MBP is far more upgradable, has more ports (like FireWire), better battery life, and will offer much better performance than the MBA with the right upgrades.
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    any more comments
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    don't think so...
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    "operational definition"
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    Dumb Thread.
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    I voted for the MBA, but I am not sure how this helps you since you are the one that has to decide what you are going to get, not us.
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    I voted 4 GB.
    Nevertheless I got the 128 GB base model, but ONLY 'cause I got €200 off the base model price.
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    Yeah since you haven't said what the uses are, get an iPad. For all we know that's the only thing you'll need.
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    This is like asking what's better an F150 or a F250 (Only truck names of which I can think, let's not get into a brand war.) It comes down to what each user needs.

    PS. I chose 4GB lol. I don't understand why people wouldn't future proof.
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    I think you've read the question wrong, it's not about 4GB or not, it's about MBA with 4GB or MacBook Pro.

    Either way, I think it's a ridiculous question to ask on a MBA forum, of course people will vote for the MBA!! Ask the same question on the MBP forum and I guarantee the swing will be in favour of the MBP.

    Is this so the OP can get some sort of self-satisafaction out of thinking he owns something better than somebody else? get a grip.
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    thats what i was thinking after i posted it a few weeks ago. tried to re post it in buying advice and it was locked
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    That would make sense, you could try editing your first post to explain the poll is of a buying advice or technical nature too, might sway people to provide some better advice...?
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    Darn it I dropped out in the the third grade so should I just vote?;)
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    You've already started 6 threads/polls on this topic. There's no need to post more.

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