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Which 2TB hard drives are inside the 27" iMacs?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by macjb, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I'm getting a new iMac 27" (1TB) this week and was wondering, which 2TB hard drives Apple installs.

    I have read that they use WD and Seagate, but which models exactly? (caviar green or black) If you could post the infos of your iMac that would be great.

    Also, I want to upgrade to a 2TB drive. I know, I have to stick with the brand that comes with my iMac, because of power issues. However, I have also read that Apple uses a special OEM drive and an upgrade won't work (heat problems remain, a special firmware is necessary) Is that true?

    Which 2TB hard drive would you recommend? (in terms of speed and noise)
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    My i7 has a Hitachi 2T drive. I think that is the only 2T drive used in the 27 " iMac.

    It is very quiet and seems to run smoothly, I have no problems with it.
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    Hitachi aren't good :( I'm starting to see apple use more cheap parts but still charge exorbant amounts for them :(
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    Cave Man

    I'd take Hitachi drives over WD any day. I have two of them (both 2 TB) and they work just fine.
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    fools bet, the house always wins.

    hard drives, politics, religion... taboo subject in a public forum.

    never ask, never tell... pick what you like based on what you believe. really.

    they are all good, they are all bad. they ALL die. have a backup plan.

    ps. i like samsung...
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    LMAO, that made me LOL IRL :D
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    I have always liked seagate drives... maybe it has to do with my luck??? I have put seagate drives in all my stuff, ps3, the windows machine i built, and replaced the drive in my macbook pro... done that for years and never have had a crash

    Sadly I don't think I will be getting a seagate in my new imac 27 when i get it... dont want to void the warranty... :(
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    Hitachi in all my 27" iMacs that I went through.

    Seagate are used for the 1TB drives, and they click.
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    really i thought they were western digital??? hmm well thats weird that they click are they the barracuda?

    So is the extra $250 worth the upgrade... just annoying that I cant upgrade myself, but you guys think I should spend the 250? I mean you can get a 2 TB external for that much giving you 3 TB total... except if it clicks bad... maybe worth the upgrade eh?
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    Ok, so I assume there are only Hitachi 2TBs in the iMacs, or can anyone confirm something else?

    Did somebody try to upgrade from a 1TB WD or Seagate to a 2TB Hitachi and had the heat problems?

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