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Which battery grip for Canon 7D?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by gødspeed, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I've been looking at --

    Flashpoint Professional Battery Grip: http://www.adorama.com/Als/ProductPage/ICABGE7AP.html#Reviews

    Zeikos ZE-CBG7D Power Battery Grip:

    Bower XBGCD7 Professional Battery Grip:

    ... and of course the official Canon one:

    I'd like to save a little money by buying a third party one, so I'd only go with the Canon one if people told me it was undoubtedly worth the extra $70. Of the third party ones, the Bower looks the flimsiest and least professional, and it's apparently not a very popular item, so I think I can rule that one out. So I'm basically looking at the Flashpoint and the Zeikos, but will opt instead for the Canon model if neither of these are adequate. The customer reviews for both do suggest that both are on-par with the Canon, however.

    Anyone here have experience with one or more of these grips?
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    The Flashpoint and the Zeikos look the same - both have raised finger placement section on the grip - and based on the reviews I think you won't go wrong any of these two. You can spend the difference on an extra battery or memory card...
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    Another thing to consider is the weather sealing. 7D is a very well sealed camera, it would be a shame to attach a grip to it that is not sealed. I don't know if any of the third party ones are sealed or not. I went with the original Pentax grip because it offered the same degree of weather sealing as the camera.
    Third party grips might also not offer all the functionality of the original grips.
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    That's a good point. Is the Pentax grip you're talking about for a Pentax camera, or for the 7D? If the latter, could you post a link?
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    No, it's for my Pentax camera. But as you I looked all the options and went with the one that seemed the best to me. Which for my Pentax camera was the original Pentax grip.
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    Weather sealing is a good point - especially if you have weather sealed lenses too - but a few raindrops won't hurt the non-sealed grip.
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    I just got a 5D MkII. I do prefer the feel of the camera with the grip on it. But I certainly want it the function, fit and finish to be just like the Canon one. Would love to save a little with a 3rd party one, but only if I have confidence that it will be essentially identical to the Canon.

    I did see one of those intervalometer ones on ebay. What a great idea. and the cost was around $175. But again, I'm a bit nervous about getting one without seeing it first

    would love to hear a recommendation from someone who has actually purchased a 3rd party grip that they feel is up to Canon standards
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    there are no sealed Canon grips.

    3rd vs 1st party Canon grips is based on how much you're willing to spend, how picky you are about the feel, and how afraid you are of any electrical problems resulting from a bad grip.
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    I went with the Zeikos, and it works just fine. It does feel fairly sturdy overall and matches the look of the 7D, but the battery enclosure seems flimsy. Otherwise, no complaints.
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