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Which color?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rye9, Mar 13, 2006.

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    I might possibly get a video iPod soon. Which color should I get? Also, how is the battery life? Ive read some pretty bad reviews. Finally, do you reccomend I get a video iPod or keep my mini and wait?
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    white looks pretty cool but black looks cooler. the black color shows scratches more though. apple says 14 hours of battery for 30gb model and 20 hours for the 60gb
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    White. i have a Black Nano, and a White 5G, i like White much more. Infact i plan to give my Nano away, and upgrade it to a 4Gb, i plan to buy a white one!
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    I really like the black ones
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    Yeah, its killing me. I think if I get one.. it might be white bc Apple is known for white products, not black, although black looks cool. The only thing holding back my decision of a color if I get one is does the video seem harder to watch with a white outline as opposed to a black one?
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    I thought the black ones looked cooler but the white ones are better in my mind now because (1st) they show less scratches, (2nd) they look much less drab when the back light is off, (3rd) they look cleaner (4th) they stand out, they are more eye catching (IMO) (5th) they match whatever future apple comps you get.

    So I'd get white.:cool:
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    Thats what I thought... now, I have another question:D Does the screen strain your eyes when watching videos? BTW, i do have 20/20 vision, so i think it would be easy for me, but i wouldnt want to make my vision less than perfect.:p
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    I have 20/20 too, really, its fine, it has a very bright screen so its easy to see at arms length away, to keep from eye strain, watch it in a somewhat/well lit room because that's what hurts your eyes. That stark contrast between bright light and pitch black. oootay, good luck
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    If I were you I'd wait at least until the April 1st press conference ! Make sure your iPod doesn't become obsolete right after you buy it. :eek: That's what happened to my Mac mini…I bought it in early January, right after the Expo, and the next month they were upgraded…

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