which computer are you?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Jun 7, 2002.

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    of all the machines/macs out there, which one would you be if you got reincarnated into a computer?

    i would be an ibook because, while i may not be the fastest one in the lineup, i eventually get there and have a tough and lasting shell:D
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    hmm....I'd say I'm my TiBook...

    pretty slim & lean...

    but makes a big impact (us small guys need to be a bit louder in life u know ;)...

    pretty powerful (I may be small in size but I'm pretty strong for my size :D)

    although not as sexy...most women think I'm "just so cute"...mainly because I'm kinda short...he he he ;)
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    Definantly the new iMac, I would be revolutionaty and yet fun too use, and of course by that time there would be 1ghz G4s in them.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't know. I'd like to think I'd be a mac, but I'm not sure. If I was to come back as a mac it would be as a desktop, fast and powerful.
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    duke would probably be the tricked out PowerMac...running OS X...

    it's able to take on whatever tasks u give it...

    it has power to spare...

    and it always is reliable...;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Yes, but has the ability to crash on occassion, just because it feels like it....:D
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    he he he....true...

    I just somehow envision dukestreet as a workhorse who can do it all... ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, i might have been that way a few years ago, so maybe instead of a dual Ghz, I might be a dual 800, not exactly as young as I once was....but then again if I can pull off this sub 5 min mile in september, I could have an upgrade....
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    let me know about the sub five minute mile...that is an amazing goal for anybody at any age!

    heck, sub six minutes for me at 5'7"/180 would be worthy of a guinness honorable mention for "fat techie breaks the speed of sound"
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    dude...if u pull of a sub-5 minute mile...

    damn that's powerful! :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    I could probably do the sub 6 now, last year I did a 6:08 with my dog at the Pennsylvania Ave. 1 miler, came in 4th. I want to win something this september...been going out with my dog at night and running 1.5 miles at a good clip, she needs training too....
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    I'd get nowhere near a sub 7 minute mile never mind 5....... :p

    I just can't pace myself over long distances........ sprint or nothing....... although I'm pretty handy up to about 200 metres......... long legs you see..... :D :p

    I'm not much of a runner....... just can't get a rhythm going........ however stick me on a mountain bike..... at the bottom of a mountain and watch me go... :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I've always been a sprinter, but never did it in highschool or college, which is a shame, I'd love to see how well I could have done.

    A lot of my current speed comes from playing ultimate frisbee where you are running up and down the field at almos full speed. Its great exercise and a lot of fun at the same time, not like running where you have just yourself usually to keep your mind occupied. That's why I like running with the dog, you're constantly making sure she's staying with you, not trying to go after squirrels or run in the road and get in the way of traffic.

    Now when I go run down the trail along the potomac 4 miles or so (round trip) that's tough, except when there are a lot of sites to see (nothing like an in shape woman running in a sports bra.....:D )

    let's talk motivation....
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    my best times were in the very low 6 minute range...I do have fairly short legs...so I have to work a little harder over long distances...well...had to work harder...

    I'm still working myself back to rough riding with my mountain bike...I'm surprised I was able to jump back on and at least get some distance in again...glad I had incorporated some minor leg exercises with my workouts...;)
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    I can't throw a frisbee properly either....... :p for some reason I just don't have much in the way of stamina when it comes to running, yet I'm fine on a bike...... or rowing........ when I'm running I can barely stop myself from collapsing... never mind eyeing up the ladies.......

    Eye... you got any good trails down in New Orleans??? the only major disadvantage with London, is it's complete lack of off road and single tracks....... and most of all complete lack of mountains.........

    I miss Yorkshire........ :(
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, New Orleans is 8' below sea level, but they do have a few hills. My brother use to ride in races in Florida, they had built up courses around a lake, no greater change in elevation then 30' or so. But he use to win his group, EarthShakers or something, its when you and your bike weigh in at over 250 pounds. He's about 6'4" and 230 or so....
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    I wish there were some killer trails...

    the one I ride is mostly flat...some rockiness here & there...no big obstacles, but a few jumps where the concrete is broken up...

    some parts north of New Orleans have some great woods trails though...

    I'll make them one day soon...I'm looking to join a biking club around here...so we'll see what happens... ;)
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    I'd have to go with a 'tweaked' PowerMac Gx tower. Probably with a quad processor running at 2GHz+ each. :D Slap a RAID card into the mix and I'd be even happier (attach at least a pair of 160GB drives to it :D).

    I may not be the most portable person, but I get the job done, and store gobs of info. Plus, I can pull off a blood-fest without skipping a beat :D, UT style of course.

    My kid would have to be a TiBook though (whenever that happens).

    This weekend is going to be dedicated to gaming and riding the motorcycle... So I MIGHT not be on here as much as I have in weekends past. Considering how I have been without gaming for too long now.
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    sounds like an emode survey...

    i had a clamshell ibook for a couple months a few years back. it totally reminded me of a friend. she wasnt happy with the comparison.

    not sure what id be. maybe the beige g3 powermac. kickass but missed out on all the fancy colors. just a bunch of jagged edges and the first of a new kind.
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    now don't get started on emode...has anyone else here besides Lemon & myself taken any of their tests?

    we may need to start another thread if so... ;)
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    you know this might be more fun if we described what computers we thought each other were...

    could get visicous though.

    [eye, what breed of dog are you?]
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    Mr. Anderson

    That would be damn funny.

    As for a dog, I'm a mutt, pure bred mutt.....
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    a mile is a sprint if you are doing it right. hit your split in the low 2s and tell me thats not sprinting.

    if you really want to learn to run the mile you need to run the 800m.
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    Mr. Anderson

    when I ran last year (never running just a mile, let alone with the dog) I hit the half mile mark at 2:40. I thought I was going too fast, not thinking I could last, but I was wrong and slowed down, only to come up to the last 200 yards and start sprinting, with the dog trailing behind me. And I had just come off an injury, so I know I can do 5:30, and I'm making my goal under 5 - I think its doable.
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    That's more then a bit like military intelligence... since you can't have a pure bred mutt just by definition alone... :D... Then again, if you get a hold of one of those reality distortion fields, you could do it... Then again, you could also create a world like Omaha (the manga version ;) )...

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