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Which console is best for me

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by yojitani, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I'm not really much of a gamer but for a bunch of reasons I need to/have to be able to play a variety of games (sorry to be so vague). It doesn't matter which version they are or even how great the graphics are. It would be useful if the console could play classic games from the last 10 years and also play some of the newer games coming out. Honestly, I wish I could just rent a console!

    At the moment, I need to play Final Fantasy, Shenmue, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and The Sims. Those will likely change. I'm thinking that either I need to install windows on boot camp or get a PS2 (I'd rather not spend a bunch of money on the latest and greatest hardware). What do you recommend?

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    Well you can install boot camp, but I find console gaming easier so if you have the PS2 games, or know where to easily get them then go the PS2 route.
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    The local games shop has most of these as used copies in PS2. Will PS2 be able to play more recent games, like those made for PS3?

    That's kind of my feeling about pc vs console.
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    The PS2 can't play newer games, but the PS3 will play the older ones.
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    If you want to play old games try the Wii. You can buy old NES, SNES, N64, Commodore 64, Mame, Master System and Mega Drive games (god knows what else now). Plus you can play GC games as well and they're all pretty cheap now (both the Wii and GC games).

    But going off them games you said maybe the 360 is what you're after?
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    :eek: Don't you more consistent gamers feel hard done by by this?

    That's actually very helpful raggedjimmi about the Wii (I know my kids would be thrilled if I actually HAD to buy the Wii). Why do you recommend the 360 though? As far as I can tell, all the games I listed above have at least one version that will work on the PS2.
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    They're all playable on the 360, except FF which isn't out yet (on the PS3 either). But I dunno, do you mean the older versions of them games or the latest/upcoming versions?
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    The more consistent gamers will be the ones most likely to upgrade to the newer console though. Just bear in mind that the PS3 wont actually play all PS2 games (now this is something that I imagine would annoy gamers).
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    Most of the games you mentioned are available (or coming) for the 360. Halo, GTA4, and Final Fantasy 13 (coming soon). You can also play most Xbox 1 games on the 360.

    It's pretty obvious why you can't play PS3 games on a PS2. The PS3 is like a totally different computer and way more powerful. Plus PS3 games use blu-ray instead of DVD. The PS2 simply can't handle games built for newer systems.
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    Hmm... well, I suppose if most people aren't too bothered by it (not being able to play newer games on older systems)...

    Thanks for all the advice peeps. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to get yet, but I do feel a little better informed now. I'll probably go with a PS2 since they can be had for ~$100 on ebay. If my needs become greater, then I guess I'll just have to upgrade.
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    IMO, the ps2 is the greatest thing to happen to modern gaming. The sheer volume of AAA titles is just staggering. You can pick one up for like $130 new now and it comes bundled with a game of some sort.
    With a ps2 you can play all the great games like God of War, Gran Turismo, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank (my favorite :D ), GTA, Final Fantasy (7-12), Kingdom Hearts, etc...
    There is no reason a person shouldnt own a ps2.
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    That's what bothered me about the PS2. It had many games but I'm only interested in 1 series in that whole list (GTA, and it played better on the Xbox). FF died after 7, in my opinion. Even though the PS3 has fewer games than the PS2 it still has more that I want. Funny how that worked out :D.
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    Shenmue...we can only dream of a new one. I would say a 360 is right up your alley since you're into Halo and the other games will be/is on the console as well except for Shenmue(360 can't play Shenmue for the original Xbox...sorry dude)

    The 360 is like $200 right now without a HDD so you can go for that option.

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    $130? lol. I just bought one (slim) off of ebay for $40
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    ... which is the most compelling thing for me right now!

    Hey, I just noticed that there are different PS2 units. Is there any difference in performance or game compatibility between the slim and the tower thing? I can see that some of the bigger ones have a marginally fast processor... anything else?

    OK. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_2#Slimline

    Does that mean that FF won't play on PS2 slimline?
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    The slim PS2's are newer therefore if you buy it used, it could theoretoically have been used less.
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    I like my original PS2 because I threw a 120GB hard drive in it, and using the HD-Advance PS2 DVD I am able to copy games to the hard drive eliminating the need for a DVD to play the game.
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    buy an old PS2 from ebay
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    That is indeed what I plan to do.

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