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Which eMac should i get? which of these are better please help!!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by danielpoole06, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I am interested in buying and eMac and I have seen two that appeal to me, they are the same price. Please tell me which one of the two is better.

    Apple eMac G4 1GHz 640MB RAM 80GB Combo Drive Airport Extreme
    Apple eMac G4 1GHZ 768MB RAM 80GB Super Drive Warranty

    Please help I need to know ASAP...I need to buy an airport anyway if I get the second one but I would like to know what a superdrive does compared to a combo drive and if 118MB RAM makes much difference.

    Thanks in advance,

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    definitely the second one, more RAM and a superdrive. A superdrive can burn DVD's a combodrive can only read DVD's
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    but how much difference can 118MB of RAM make anyway? I dont really understad what RAM does, and i would end up spending a good 100 Australian dollars on an airport card if i got the second one, and burning DVDs isnt really somthing I'd be doing.


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    RAM is memory, it is where the computer stores everything it is running, like applications. The more memory the more applications you can run simultaneously and the faster things will run. Neither of these machines are going to be particularly fast and running much above the basic browser/email apps. But a 20% increase in RAM can only make things better
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    yeah, but is 118MB RAM worth 100 australian dollars??? so like around 78 USD
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    Probably not
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    do you know how much extra RAM is for eMacs? because i could always add on another 512 MBs or so.
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    A quick look at US prices seems a 512MB stick for an emac would be about $65 USD
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    so basically, i dont really need a superdrive, so i could get the combo drive and upgrade my RAM on it by 512MB for 65USD, instead of spending an extra 100USD for an airport card where the only difference will be it has a super drive which i wont use and a lot less RAM.

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    I'm with swiftaw...If I were you, I'd take the superdrive w/warranty (especially if its Applecare, which can be priceless)...it sounds like in either case you need to make a small after-purchase upgrade (either some extra RAM--in my experience 512 isn't enough for basic system operation and 768 is--or a wireless card). And don't underestimate the usefulness of a DVD burner. For example, do you--or more importantly, will you--have music or video or large documents or anything else that you want to back up? You can use that burner to make data DVDs that hold over 4.5 gigs of information, as opposed to 700 megs on a regular CD. A basic, no-frills mac user can back up almost all his/her data on a handful of DVDs...they serve like a poor man's external hard drive. I've carried my music collection around the world this way, and also avoided devastating information loss when my laptop was stolen.

    But the good news is that either way you're buying a solid machine: I had a 1Gz eMac for 3 years running with 1G RAM and it did everything I asked of it and never let me down. I only sold it cuz it was too heavy to move overseas...22 kilos, I believe :eek: .
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    oh, well now i dont know what to do!
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    awww, c'mon...I really mean it when I say that you can't lose:). You're getting a great machine either way, at presumably a great price. With enough RAM it will run the exact same system that brand new macs run, including all the basic apps, so why worry?

    Just out of curiosity, where would you be purchasing your new mac from? That might make a slight difference...
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    I also would get the Superdrive Version - with the warranty. We have the 1.25 version, and 1gb of RAM.

    The warranty if Apple Care, will give you peace of mind for the rest of the time (although ours expires in December - so i would guess you wouldn't have a year left).

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