which HD for PowerBook G4 ?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mayuka, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. mayuka macrumors 6502a


    Feb 15, 2009
    Hi there.

    I think my hard drive is failing. So I want to buy a new one. But which one to get? 2,5" obviously and PATA only.

    That leaves me only 2 choices: Samsung and Western Digital. I think I'll go for 160GB. Which one would you get and why?

    pro/contra Samsung:
    - cheaper
    - silent (2,2 sone v 2,4 sone)
    - more vibration?
    - seems to fail more often
    - hot?
    - consumes 2,1 W

    pro/contra WD:
    - more expensive
    - not so silent (2,4 sone and 2,6 sone while seeking)
    - more vibration?
    - pretty cool (won't get any warmer than 30°C)
    - seems to be more reliable
    - consumes 2,5 W

    Which one would you choose? I'm really puzzled.
  2. dontwalkhand macrumors 601


    Jul 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    The Samsung definitely, as I can't stand hard drive noise. "Seems to fail more often" is relative....I haven't notice one brand of drive failing more than others...You just have to be lucky with how long drives last.
  3. mayuka thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Feb 15, 2009
    Me either. However if the Samsung gets quite hot the fan will go on and as you probably know that can be much more annoying - especially during summer. I couldn't find anything about thermal management on the Samsung. Do you have experiences?
  4. sporadicMotion macrumors 65816


    Oct 18, 2008
    Your girlfriends place
    Can't be much of a price difference. Go with silent and just backup (as you should be anyways :) )
  5. alust2013 macrumors 601


    Feb 6, 2010
    On the fence
    I don't think you'll notice much of a difference between the two, so I can't imagine it matters all that much.
  6. adcx64 macrumors 65816


    Nov 17, 2008
    Cudi Zone
    From my past experiences, WD drives tend to fail a lot more often than other brands.
  7. mayuka thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Feb 15, 2009
    I always brought Seagate or Hitachi/IBM drives before as external space. They never failed me. At the moment I'd go for the Samsung (it's ~10$ cheaper). However would you buy a used drive from ebay? Sadly both Seagate and Hitachi have ceased producing PATA drives.
  8. joepunk macrumors 68030


    Aug 5, 2004
    a profane existence
    Hate to mention this at such a late time but I just picked up a WD 320gb pata drive from Staples for just over $70 after sales tax and there was a $20 off coupon.

    I'll see how well it does but first I need to get a firewire enclosure for the old drive.
  9. Badrottie macrumors 68040


    May 8, 2011
    Los Angeles
    correct me if I am wrong I am fairly new to powerbook g4 I thought powerbook g4 cant read or write with hard drive above 120GB?

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