Which iPod would YOU buy?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Must.Get.nano!, Nov 6, 2005.

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    If these were ever made (which they probably will) with all the same retail price...which would you buy?

    and why?

    - iPod Camera
    - iPod Movie

    I,personally would go with the camera if it gave good photos,i would pick the camera just cause i wouldnt enjoy watchin a movie on a small screen

    but thats just me:rolleyes:
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    (ok, meaning BOTH)

    Mmmm... The iPod Camera would be so useful on my vienna trip... 30 gigs of storage, OH YES!


    someone make a dock connector camera, h'ok? Please?
    I'll make you cookies!
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    Neither, cause I know the ipod is not going to do either function at its best. I will stick to buying a device that was made to take pictures or watch movies. That would be a digital camera and a plasma tv with surround sound. As for music, I will stick with the nano!
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    yes all of em. i really like the 3G wheel with no moving parts that was cool.

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    What we need is and iPod with 40 hours of battery life, a 2.8 inch screen(3 is pushing it), 80gb, FW 800(imagine...), and gapless playback. That would be the coolest iPod.

    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l iPod l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l +-----------------+ l
    l _ - _ l
    l _- -_ l
    l - - l
    l -_____- l
    l l
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    anyways, prolly the camera. i don't have much use for a video/movie camera...just watching movies is good enough for me!
  7. EGT
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    And with anodised aluminium like the mini and we are sorted!!! That there would be the ultimate iPod for me.

    Makes me drool just thinking about it ... :D :eek:
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    I would like an iPod nano capable of recording 6 channels of 96Khz 24-bit audio to Apple Lossless, FLAC, or 320Kbps AAC. Then I can use my nano to record effects for my productions.
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    iPod's hard drive isn't fast enough to benefit from FW800.
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    add 5200rpm!
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    depends what features does the built-in camera have compared to my Canon SD 200 and 500. If its feature and quality is sub to what I already own then I am not interested.

    As for an iPod doing video, that is a stretch at present.

    I have so far only managed to use half of the storage space on my 3G 20gig model and this is after a year and a half. I don't believe I will require to upgrade for another year to 2 years. :)
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    Yeah, and a pencil sharpener.:p
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    iPod Camera, no, because I dont think it will ever happen. sorry boys, the iPod is just that, a 'pod' that contains your personal media and show it to you. presently it doesnt create anything and I think it would be dumb for apple to change it to do so. now if apple made a digital camera that might be cool, but that space is already filled very well with canon and nikon and all them. even the low end is filled by cell phones and the cheaper digicams.

    iPod Movie, yes, and it will happen after sales of the 5G start to wane. I think a move to make the whole front face the screen with a touchable section that, when touched, shows the apple clickwheel. But it wont be called an iPod movie (at all/for long, idk), it will be the new iPod.
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    iPod camera...

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