Which is the best 3rd party NTFS mount utility for Mac?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by yasyugixyugi, Jul 25, 2013.

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    I was using NTFS-3G till i upgraded to Lion, then tried Paragon and Tuxera. And settled with Tuxera. But today, I happened to see a very recent release of NTFS-3G here https://github.com/osxfuse/osxfuse/wiki/NTFS-3G

    Is that any good? What's your experience with these 3rd party tools? And which one do u think works best for you?

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    Used Tuxera and Paragon. Tuxera was constantly using resources while Paragon is way more "quiet". I sticked with Paragon for a while now and I have no complains about it.
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    The short answer to your question is that it works fine. I replaced MacFUSE with FUSE for OS X months ago. No problems. Of the commercial NTFS drivers for OS X, the consensus choice is Paragon. NTFS-3G is free. The downside to the free solution is that it is slower than the commercial alternatives. I don't care. NTFS is a convenience for me, not a peer of equal stature. Before Dropbox, I wrote files to a NTFS-formatted jump drives for transfer to Windows computers. After the release of Dropbox, I virtually never have cause any more to write to Windows-formatted drives on my Macs.
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    Personally I had bad experience with Paragon for NTFS. I switched back to using a Mac after 1 1/5 years of absence from the Apple scene and now the tool won't accept my registration key. I am using the exact same version that I purchased since I kept all mac software backed up, tried pasting the numbers, manually nothing.

    Pure scam.
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    Have you emailed them already?
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    I don't have any compelling reason doing so since now I went Mac exclusively - no need to read/write to NTFS partitions.
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    Then why trying to use it again in the first place? :confused:
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    I tried to install it in the idea that at some point in time I might have a use for it say when having someone come over to my house with a HDD or flash drive formatted as NTFS. I'm also the only one in the household using a Mac, my wife is a Windows user so you never know when I need to deal with NTFS partitions again.
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    I have NTFS-3G installed. However, no NTFS driver is needed to exchange files with your Windows-using loved ones. You may access each other's computers over your home network--either wired or wireless. I cannot emphasize enough--Dropbox. With Dropbox, anything that you place in the Dropbox folder on one computer is syncrhonized in the Dropbox folder on any other device having the same Dropbox account. I have it installed on my Macs, my Windows computer, my iPhone, and my iPad. Currently, I have 3.75 GB free capacity with Dropbox.
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    Yes, local file sharing does the job but any kind of cloud solution is out of the question for me (I value my privacy a lot).

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