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Which new Macbook Pro for first-time buyer?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Loompy, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Im really torn on which MBP to get.

    What I want to do with the notebook is mostly for using Illustrator or Photoshop, and maybe some light gaming like WoW in addition to general usage. Im looking at the Pro because I really want the optical drive, and I dont really care if the storage is SSD as I would rather have the 500GB+ drives over the smaller, faster solid states, so im not considering the rMBP or Air.

    This is my first Mac so I want to make sure I get the right choice on what is good enough for this type of usage but also so it will last me a few years.

    Any feedback is appreciated, Thanks! :D
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    If you absolutely don't want the rMBP (that's the best machine for PS and AI), get a decked out "regular" MBP with the Hi-Res screen for sure. The 1680x1050 option is still pretty darn good (I have one).
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    15in MBP. You can always take out the optical drive in the future if you want and replace it with an SSD (or replace the standard HDD with an SSD and put the HDD where the optical drive was). You can also upgrade the RAM yourself, if you so choose.

    15in over 13in because it has a dedicated GPU (which will be useful in your light gaming endeavors).
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    I second that (getting a 15" MBP). I have one and it's a beauty (and a beast).
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    I would suggest the base model 13" Macbook Pro. Since you're new, it will give you a chance to experience what it is all about. This machine retains value the best so you can sell it later on and upgrade and know what your exact wants are in a machine. I started out with Macs the same way last year so that's from experience.
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    I disagree. Based on the fact that the OP said he will *mostly* be doing Illustrator and/or Photoshop, and even some gaming, I think having a dedicated GPU is vital to his needs. The 13" does not offer that.
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    I love the 15" cMBP with high res
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    15" or 13" Classic.

    The 13" Pro GPU is good enough for Photoshop and Borderlands 2 on Medium settings. It's not a 'slouch' and you can get the 13" Pro with 16GB of ram and a hybrid drive like mine, collectively for less than $1300. (Ram is $100, Hard Drive is another $100) It's a pretty screaming machine.

    The 15" Pro will cost you a lot more initially but the dedicated GPU is pretty powerful. Plus you can get the high res screen.
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    15" non-retina MBP; high-res (1680x1050) screen. Do at least a 2.6GHz i7 (not because the advantage over 2.3GHz is at all significant, but more to get the 1GB of VRAM instead of 512MB).
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    My first Mac was rMBP 15", its the best computer that I've ever had.
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    I'm sure the OP bought his new MBP 7 months ago.
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    Well the rmbp have a lot of screen problems I personally have a 15"Mbp and its been amazing. I would get a Mbp not a rmbp and get as much as you can for CPU to future proof best you can afford and upgrade ram yourself along with a nice Samsung ssd and your golden. Good for wow to also runs good on an external display if you want to play on a larger screen. Remember wow is one of those CPU intensive games also.
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    In October, the OP posted in another thread:

    So this thread should be laid to rest!
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    lol - its so easy to overlook post dates - good eyes!

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