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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Veldek, Jun 29, 2003.

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    Hello everybody!

    I know, it was discussed several times in other threads, but I want your opinion, too. I ordered a 1.8GHz G5 last week, but am thinking more and more of the dual 2GHz. So here are my pros and cons for it:

    - I can afford it.
    - It will probably last for half a dozen years for me.
    - It was built as a dual machine. So leaving out one proc is like cutting out half of the power of a Ferrari, I think.

    - I'm a home user, so the 1.8GHz will most probably be enough.
    - It will also last for quite some time.
    - It's cheaper.

    Please help me considering which argument is the most important or finding more arguments. What do you think, I should do?
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    If you can manage it, I would completely recommend the Dual Processor system. The system design provides for much more efficient symmetric multi-processing, and the multi-tasking potential that you get for just a few hundred dollars more will make sure that that computer will not be defunct any time soon. I would say the 2Ghz(2) will last three years before you feel jealousy for another computer, and five years before you need to upgrade. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I think that if you can afford it, the advantages are self-evident.
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    i d get the dual system. it s just optimized for dual procs. and well the difference is not that high, if you use the system many years, there will be a little difference of price / year in the end.
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    tell us exactly what you will be doing on your computer, what you will do and would like to do.

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    Well, at the moment, I'm just doing very simple things like surfing the web etc. on my iMac DV SE 400 (cannot do much more on it).

    On the PowerMac my plans are:

    - folding
    - playing the latest games like Doom 3, World of Warcraft etc.
    - Photoshop (but neither much nor processor intensive work)
    - home video editing and DVD burning using iMovie and iDVD and perhaps FCE
    - DVD ripping
    - still doing home user things

    EDIT: oh, I forgot, I want to use RealPC, if it's as good as they said, to play CS and DOD against my brother and my friend.

    That's what I'm thinking about today. I also want a computer that will last quite some time, because I'm saving my money for some huge expense in a couple of years and don't want to buy a new computer until then and perhaps not earlier than some time after this expense.
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    i think your choice is fine. there is one thing i would recommend though. since you are playing games, pay the extra 50 dollars and get the 9600 pro, big performance jump for little money, and if money isng an object spend the extra 350 and get the 9800. nvidias cards are good, but compared to ati;s latest card they fx line has been a flop, and for 50 dollars the ati card is a steal, and doom 3 would probably love the 9800 as well.

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    Yeah, I already ordered the 9800 ;)

    Did you notice my edit? What do you think will make RealPC perform better? I know, that this can only be educated guesses so far...
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    honestly, i dont think any emulator software will be a replacement for a pc, especially for games. if games are really important to you, and the games you want are not going to be ported, i would recommend buying or building your own pc.

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    Well, I thought about this before the G5 became reality. I'm not such a big gamer as my brother and my friend, but I like to play, when there's a good game available. I liked playing Diablo 2 against them. I now play Warcraft 3, but it performs quite laggy on my iMac, so I will already take use of the G5. ;) But fact is, that I don't play as much as they do and would not change my Mac for a PC for this reason, especially as the other tasks will be much nicer on my Mac.

    But as CS and DOD are quite old games and don't eat many resources, I still hope RealPC will be able to handle them. I know, of course, that I won't be able to play the latest PC games, but that's not what I want to do.

    So, you think my choice of the 1.8GHz was right. That's what I also thought and I think it might just be my emotions that make me want the dual and the buy shouldn't be based on them, but it's hard to resist them in this case. :D
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    its natural, you always want the latest, especially since you ordered a computer and you wont get it till august. now realpc may becable to play cs and some the old crappy games, but the truth is nobody knows how well it will perform. if the real pc people arent all talk you should be in good shape. i do believe you made the right choice, even the 1.6ghz would have suited you just fine, but its like the ipods. when you compare the 15 and 10gb models, you just get more for your money with the 15, even if you wont use it all.

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    I think you are very right. Before I knew which models will be released, I already made my choice saying, I will buy the low end model if the medium isn't dual and buy the medium if it is. Now it's not dual but I'll buy it nevertheless, because if you compare the 1.6GHz to the 1.8GHz, you have to admit that only by adding the same harddisk and same amount of RAM you get almost the same price, while missing DDR400 RAM and PCI-X, which a home user might not need now, but for this little more money, it's like getting it for free.
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    If you can afford it, get the dual 2GHz. VPC (or Real PC, if it ever comes out), if nothing else, will be a little faster. $600 worth, I don't know. The other option would be to buy a 1.8 with the 9600 now, and upgrade later if you have to.

    Where did you order from? Directly from the Apple Store, or an online dealer?

    Just curious.
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    As I ordered a bto system with airport card, bluetooth and radeon 9800, I had to use the online store because the local dealers don't offer them, although they make good deals like putting 512 MB extra RAM on top.

    Wow, so many people saying the dual 2GHz will be better in average costs and last longer.

    @iJon: What do you think about this?
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    well what im doing with you is what i do everyday. and yes the dual 2ghz is a great and very powerful machine. but from what youve told me i dont think youll ever reach its full potential. there is always something better. the 1.8 is a better deal over the 1.6, the dual 2 is better over the 1.8. many times it comes down to how much is a dollar worth to you. also what do you mean local dealers dont offer them, elaborate a bit more.

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    What I meant was that local dealers don't offer the possibility to put in bluetooth or a Radeon 9800 and leave out the modem like I did. They only sell the machines as is AFAIK.
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    thats pretty stupid, what kind of reseller is that. they should have ordered you a CTO. how stupid.

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    Oh, it seems that I am the stupid person here, because I have to say that I didn't ask them yet. I just looked on their website and figured out that this is the way they do it, because they didn't mention anything else.

    But now that you say it, I feel bad as I made a wrong assumption I think. :eek:
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    ah dont worry about it, go talk to them if they have a local business. they can custom build your powermac to your specs. and you support apple and local reseller. and they will probably cut you some deals. and if they are good, youll get some good service if something goes wrong. i highly recommend it.

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    OK, thank you, I'll try this tomorrow, I think. But I'll have to cancel my order to Apple then perhaps. Is there a way to do this via internet or do I have to phone them?
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    17" vs my MDD DP 1G revA.

    my MDD kicks it in all but portability.

    VPC -> vpc uses one proc mac uses the other -> do that on a non-DP system

    Mac OS being UNIX is meant for 32-64 processors. Your two can only help. Believe me - you will regret not getting it.
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    This is most likely true, but what are YOU using your system for? I think you might be more of a pro user than I am.

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