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Which one should i get, PSP or DS Lite?? HELP!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by 12991, May 28, 2007.

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    Im currently addicted to my xbox 360. I really have to stop. So im going to be selling it. But i need video games. Its a part of me. I need them to relax.

    I was thinking i should get a ds or a psp. Which one should i get? Ive owned a psp before (two actually) but that was well over a year ago. It seems the games have gotten better. I have no clue which one to get though. i was thinking PSP because the games are more console-y. The DS is nice because its quick, no loading, and is more durable.

    Or should i just quit video games altogether? If not, tell me your pick, some good games out that you like, a few upcoming games, and why you choose that one over the other. Thanks a lot in advance.

    PS: I spend too much time playing GoW right now.
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    Try searching the gaming forum. Lots of DS vs PSP threads. Most people here like the DS but I prefer the PSP cause of the sports games. I think it just depends on what games you like.
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    Uh oh, despite there already being a few of these "psp vs. DSlite/which one should i get" forums, i would have to say DS lite. I have both, and I can assure you i have logged probably 2-3 times more hours on my DSlite than my PSP. Sure, psp has a cool internet browser, music (which isnt even really that great) and video, but the DS tops it in fun games, plus, it wont be long before the DS has a browser of its own. And if the DS browser is even half as good of the Wii's, whew, it'll b great.
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    What are some good fun games for the DS though? It looks so small and cute, and i know its a system where you wont get addicted, but you will want to keep playing (no what im saying?) But i cant see any good games for it
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    New Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow are my two favorites, Mario Kart isn't bad for a racer, and I've heard the Metroid was pretty good as well.
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    their are lots of great DS games.....i like more games on the DS, then the PSP. Of course that doesn't mean you will.

    And if you can't see any good games for it, why would you even think about getting it? Assuming you have looked at all the games....Advance Wars:DS is addicting as hell, as is pokémon. Their are so really great games on DS, as well as PSP.

    If I were you I'd go to IGN.com(or some other game site) look at the highest reviewed games, and see which ones you like more. We can't tell you which to like more.
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    Oh, I wouldn't say that. The DS is a very versatile system. You have pick up and play games (Tetris, Meteos, Ninendogs, Mario Kart, Mario), but games with incredible depth (Final Fantasy, Hotel Dusk, Pokemon, Castlevania, Metroid, Advance Wars). That said, most of the "console" like games have pick up and play qualities, like they'll be loaded with save points or have sleep options. Just to be extra flexible.

    Hand on heart - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is the greatest video game I have ever played. I've pumped more time into that than any other single player game, I'm even reaching to get my player to level 100, even though there is no point in doing so. It's just amazing that I'm giving myself pointless tasks to perform on it.

    It's a brilliant system that had to beat the GBA. And it did. I wouldn't be surprised to see the DS dancing over the top of combined Wii/360/PS3 sales in 5 years time.

    Late edit: Advance Wars is massively addictive. And I find Tetris in a long stress inducing match more immersive than any of these next gen consoles, strangely enough! But it's Tetris...
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    The DS Lite is the best handheld system I've ever owned.

    However, I had only previously owned a Sega Game Gear (and a Gameboy Advance, which was stolen after about three days of owning it).

    Nah, seriously, I would get the DS. But that's just me. I'm sure the PSP has some redeeming features.
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    By GoW do you mean Gears or God? I'm assuming Gears since you have a 360 but if it is God of War then PSP is getting its own version so thats something to think about.

    I prefer my PSP over my DS. The games I have (or had, a few got stolen :( ) Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, GTA's, Lumines, Sega Genesis Collection, Syphon Filter, Loco Roco, WipeOut and Burnout are all games I like.

    I wanted console games on a handheld and I think PSP does that better than the DS does. Plus if Sony ever gets their act together, a PSP store is coming this year which will hopefully allow for PSX downloads but who knows if it will actually pan out.

    I also like that it's a versitile machine that can play movies/music in a pinch (while I am still waiting for that full screen video iPod ;)) as well as very basically browse the net if you need to check the game score or something without paying to use my cell phone. Memory sticks aren't very expensive anymore, I saw a 4GB one on sale at Futureshop for $90 cdn, and 2GB one's are under $100 cdn regular price. Battery life isn't awful like people make it out to be and being able to hae a spare one is good if you are on a plane or in the car or something.

    Just my two cents.
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    The PSP is more console-y, but is that what you want out of a handheld? You're getting the load times, the requirement of a memory stick, the poor analog stick, no right analog stick...

    There's going to be some decent Final Fantasy games next year on PSP, but the DS is getting more.

    PSP's actually shaping up to be a decent handheld (FINALLY) after price drops and some actually good games coming out. But it still doesn't hold a candle to the DS, which I have over a dozen games for. The DS just has a humongous library, double the battery life, a lower price tag for the system and the games, and is designed more as a handheld (games are designed for pick-up and play with no load times).

    I'd say get a DS.

    Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS (yes, I know it's Tetris, but the DS version is online and has this retro-theme and is really quite unique, it's fun), Metroid Prime Hunters, Elite Beat Agents (best handheld game of all time IMHO), Pokemon, New Super Mario Bros, Advance Wars, Final Fantasy III, etc are all spectacular and out now. I'm particularly looking forward to Zelda: Phantom Hourglass at the end of this year.
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    The Praxis speaks the truth! Elite Beat Agents is something else, after seeing the song list I was a little "hmm"ing over it, but even though I only like 1 track (YMCA :D ) it's still got me addicted and is as fun as hell.
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    i have both DS and PSP and even though the PSP in my opinion is a better console i just like the DS more for more fun game play
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    Oh, and the PSP doesn't have the Brain Training game, nor 42 All Time Classics...both maybe very basic, but painfully addictive.
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    Mind Quiz is a brain training game for the PSP.

    Related Games: Hot Brain, Lumines, Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve, Exit, Ultimate Board Games, Capcom Puzzle World, Lemmings, Metal Slug Anthology, Sega Genesis Collection, Capcom Classics Collection Remixed, Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded, Activision Hits Remixed, Namco Museum Battle Collection, Namco Museum, Namco Museum 2.

    Plus games like: Killzone, God of War, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Ace Combat, etc.
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    I really don't think the load times are that bad... The requirement of a memory stick that comes with the system... Yes, the analog stick is poor, but you can get a 'nub' that makes it a little bigger but easier to control... And no, no right analog stick... compared to the DS's analog stick... ;)

    Really can't argue about the games. The games I play are better on the PSP and/or lacking on the DS.
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    ds for sure go for the brain games man!
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    I've got a friend who I can not convince to buy the game. He's got every other good DS game but he refuses to buy EBA because he insists that he thinks game music is important and he hates all the music in it.

    He won't accept the fact that I hate all the music in the game yet love the game because it actually makes it enjoyable. Any suggestions for how to convince him?

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    I personally like the DS lite better. I use it on the train/toilet/plane/car etc... i have a 360, so i rarely play it at home.

    however, if this is going to be your main device, and you'll be playing at home regularly, maybe the PSP is the way to go. DS lite games, although much more fun, finish faster.
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    I think the DS is a great system and a very well balanced handheld.

    As for the Brain Training game, don't waste your money. It might be relatively ground breaking, but it has very little Lasting appeal. Mario Kart DS has some GREAT lasting appeal though.
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    Load time on a handheld=Bad IMO

    Check the Core Bundle....it doesn't come with one.

    More hidden fees?

    Touch screen+stylus functions pretty well as an analog stick...plus more

    I disagree..but its a personal choose, so I can't force to to like other games. I am interest how DS are "lacking" though...
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    I had a PSP with GTA LCS and it was great. Months of gameplay there. I like the fact that you can switch it off, mid-game, and then switch it back on and it resumes instantly (no loading) where you left off. If you want to play a different game every five minutes though, that's a different story.

    Movies look great on it too.

    Perhaps there'll be a PSP2 sometime with a built in hard drive. That'll be nice.

    From what I can tell, the DS consoles focus more on cute G-rated games. Personally I'm not into the cartoony animal things. But some people are, and I can respect that (cough).
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    If I had to buy again I would buy a DS lite mainly so I can get my RPG fix. There really aren't any great RPGs for the PSP. But you seem hooked on GoW which I am guessing is Gears of War or God of War and I believe there is a PSP version of God of War on the way.

    It seemed to me like you made your PSP decision a while back when you sold two of them. So just try the DS lite then.
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    DS = Fun games.
    PSP = Dust collecting with style.

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    My mistake. I'm sure the PSP has plenty of great games. There just seemed to me something a little bit more exciting about the DS, whereas the PSP just seemed like a mobile home console.

    Oh, and I like Mario and Pokemon, so my mind was kinda made up for me :eek:
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    DS or PSP? It depends what you want to get out of the system.

    If there's a game for PSP you want (e.g. GTA) that's not for DS it's obvious which one to get.

    If you want movies, music, internet browsing, get the PSP.

    If you want a touchpad and more interactive feelings get the DS.

    It all comes down to what you want and how much you're willing to spend.

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