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Which OS for a powerbook ti 400 mhz???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ansirone, Feb 13, 2009.

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    yo all,

    just got me a powerbook g4 ti 400 mhz for 80 bux!!!

    runs ok and still in great condition except for the bottom pan is looks, other then that its a great lil addition to my collection for light web surfing, email and music. just wondering what os is suggested to run on this mac seeing is its almost 9 years old! im just wondering if tiger is kinda pushing it? thanks!:p
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    mac os 4
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    Mac OS 9 would be a good bet. Or 10.1. Tiger.. errm... not so much, methinks.
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    Mac OS 10.3 was the fastest one for my G3 iBook 600mhz. It'll probably be the same for a TiBook 400.
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    Tiger will be fine, as long as you give it enough RAM. 1 GB will be fine.

    If you're not able to put this much in, then I'd recommend Panther.
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    I've got Tiger running on my 400Mhz TiBook with 768MB of RAM. Runs great.
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    do you just mainly use it as a secondary machine to surf and email?
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    ill try out panther seeing as i still have the original retail version of it if not ill upgrade it to tiger. hope itunes work just fine on it tho
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    I ran tiger on my Powerbook 667mhz G4 with 512mb of ram for the last couple of years. Was my only machine. Wasn't the best but definitely could do the basics without any problems. Also did some programming on it, while compiling was a bit slow it still could do it.
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    I'd go for Panther too, even easier choice if you already have the disks! Runs ok on my old 400mhz G3 iMac, with a paltry 256MB of RAM.
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    It really is a matter of how much RAM you have, in my experience.

    Tiger (with more than 512 MB) is faster than Panther (with more than 256 MB) is faster than Jaguar (with more than 128 MB), all on the same hardware, as long as that hardware is PPC with firewire.

    I hope that makes sense. I knew what I meant... :rolleyes:
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    I Would stay at 10.3, unless you have alot of RAM, my 600Mhz iMac G3 has 256Mb Ram, and it runs 10.4, but not well enough for regular use.
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    Yes 10.3 on 512 MB RAM, 10.4 on 1 GB RAM. 400 mhz is very slow, and you will not be able to do very complex things. I mean I used to have a 500 mhz g4 tibook, and using safari, itunes, and word at the same time gave that notebook trouble. That was with only 512 MB RAM and tiger tho.

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    will be getting another stick of ram so it should get up to 768 mb. i just want to make sure itunes will be running fine.
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    i too found that tiger was faster than panther on the same hardware but needed more ram. at first, before 10.4.3 update, tiger was dragging and then after the update, the whole computer felt new. i never had more than 768 meg of ram in my ibook: fast in tiger and still fast in tiger.
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    It's fine for that, but I've also recorded hour long podcasts with it for work, stereo 24-bit tracks. So it's not just for internet.
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    What version iTunes are you running off it??
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    Whatever's current, I do believe. I'll have to look to make sure though.
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    Get the full gig of ram and the 250gb Western Digital 5400 rpm hard drive and disable Dashboard in Tiger and you will be happy. Also with a latter tibook optical drive connector, you can put a new superdrive in it.

    Love that Tibook.
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    Yeah I forgot to mention I disabled Dashboard and that definitely made a favorable difference.
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    thanks for the tip, i love the powerbook ti and have always wanted it even till now, but was way to expensive at the time. now its just my toy to play around with!

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