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Which pair of $99 headphones should I get?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Zwhaler, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Ok, I am in the market for new headphones for my iPod, and have done some research and limited my choice down to two headphones. I was at first going to go with the Bose In Ear, but today I noticed that there is a new set that I might want to look into. So all of you guys out there who own either of these headphones try to give me some input on what I should end up buying.

    By the way, my preference of music is rock. Anything from metal to alternative to classic rock. I will listen to rap occasionally, so I don't want my headphones to lack bass. I don't want whicever pair that is strong in one category (like treble or midrange for example) but is lacking in another. I perfer balance, but I want it to sound good too. I want a nice fit, but I don't care if they fall out if you are jogging etc. I just want them to stay in my ear when I walk.

    Ok, here's a link to the two headphones:
    Thanks in advance.


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    the first ones cause ive tried both
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    If you have to choose one of those two I'd go with the Bose.

    But I'd definitely rather have E2C's.
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    I could go with the E2C's but personally I would rather have these other two based on peoples reviews on the E2Cs, there are quite a few things people don't like about them.
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    I really could not be any more happy with my E2C's.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy whichever you buy, though.
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    Just a heads up, you can get E2C's for $69 on amazon.
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    I own a bose in-ear. They are pretty good, but it cnly comes with one set of each thing, and they easily come off. Haven't used 2nd one
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    Sennheiser PC 150 or PC 160 - great sound, boom mic for iChat, etc ;)

    Ignore post - not relevant (I really should learn to read the ENTIRE post LOL)
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    Thanks for the replies. Can anyone give me a (at least a little bit) detailed experience or review for the second ones? Id rather hear from you guys.
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    I have the sure E4s and the sure E2s... They are both amazing, I tried alot of headphones and chose the Shures for a reason...
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    I use these: http://www.sennheiserusa.com/newsite/productdetail.asp?transid=004854

    The sound is great, but my favourite essential extra is the volume control on the headphone wire - I'm constantly adjusting volume when commuting. I run a lot of Sennheiser gear from my $700 studio cans to my ear buds and all the in betweens I have collected, and I swear by Sennheiser.
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    I tried the Bose in-ear for a few weeks, and although they are fine, they just didn't seem to be worth $100 to me. I returned them.

    I next went with the Ultimate Ears Studio Pro 3, and I can tell you they're the best in-ear headphones I've ever heard. I prefer clarity in the mids and highs, instead of booming bass, and that pretty much describes the Ultimate Ears 3s. In fact, I've never heard ANY headphone that had the clarity of the Ultimate Ears 3s, and I own a set of Bose Triports. The little UE 3s, sound far superior to the Bose over-the-ear Triports.

    Other pluses for me: The cords are robust, and resist tangling. The cords are replaceable. The behind-the-ear cord placement, although odd at first, really helps isolate cord noise. The main cord is relatively short, so I don't get it caught on things like I did with a previous set of Panasonic in-ears, which seemed about five feet long and got caught on every doorknob I walked past!
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    i have had shure e2's, e3's, e4's and e5's....i couldnt be happier all of them were great buys, and awesome...the e2's reserve some hate, but mainly from people that arent looking for iem's, i tried the bose-the shure e2's win hands down, the bose look like crap compared..
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    I'm going to put my vote in for you to consider the Shure e2cs. I bought a pair recently and they're incredible!
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    I had the Shure E3c's and they where ok but lacked bass. I got a pair of Ultimate Ears 5 something. You can find those for about $100 on eBay and are amazing.
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    most deff. dont get B(L)OSE. They dont make great stuff. Besides the v-moda vibes are fun 'phones with decent base, well suited for rock, plus there made of metal not plastic.

    people have mentioned shure e2, they're not too shabby either:)
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    I've got the V-Moda Vibes, I like them a lot. Great sound, reasonable isolation and pretty comfortable. My ears are typically picky about in-ears, but the vibes have fit pretty comfortably, I actually wear them with the cord over the ear to reduce the microphonics and they're most comfortable like that. I'd say they're definitely worth the money (I think you can get them cheaper other places) and would certainly recommend them over the Bose ones. The Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 Studios look good too, and lots of people praise the Shure line. But if at all possible try them out before you buy and see for yourself which ones you like best. Good luck.
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    First of all, I'd suggest you find a retailer with a generous return policy so you can try whatever in-ear headphones you see fit.

    Second of all, sound preference is a very subjective thing.

    Third of all, the consensus amongst the geek crowd is that anything Bose is for saps, except for maybe their noise-cancelling headphones (which sound like a $100 set of cans that can merely cancel noise well). I haven't heard their in-ear headphones but everything else I've heard, and many other people I trust, will stand by the claim that Bose's consumer products sell because people are mistakingly equating price with quality.

    Headphones I use, Shure E2C. They have an understated sound. Not too tinny or bassy. On Apple's website you'll see people claiming that the headphones have poor bass. True, these might not produce enough bass for some but most likely the user isn't putting the headphones in correctly.

    Personal opinion, you'll look like someone who's naive and doesn't know how to get the most for their money by using anything by Bose.

    However people say that about mac users all the time :) .
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    My E2Cs rule, and have ruled every day for over 3 years. They come with a fantastic array of accessories that should fit any ear on the planet, and sound great (plenty of base for me, but I know that's a matter of opinion).

    A note on service after sale: my first pair, bought at the Apple Store in Pittsburgh, were defective (one ear out). Apple store said "not our problem, mail them to the factory in Illinios," which I did after calling (great phone service). I received a new set, unopened with all accessories, in less than a week, and they've been perfect ever since.

    I really like to spend my money with companies who do business properly.
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    Oh yeah, about Bose: top of the line stuff is fantastic, everything else is overpriced garbage propped up by a brand name that used to mean quality. You'll be mad later if you buy their 99 dollar headphones.
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    Grado SR-80's once you listen you will never go back.
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    Thanks for the advice. Oh... I love the sig... great movie!
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    I noticed that Sam's Club here got Shure E2Cs at Christmas and they're still trying to sell them for $79, if it makes any difference to you.
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    akg 141 are awesome, if you dont mind larger headphnes, they will change the way you listen to music though :)
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    I also thought I should throw in that Shure has EXCELLENT customer service and they are generous with replacement tips.

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