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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by whoknows87, Sep 22, 2012.

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    thinking about making the switch, but clueless on which phone to get since I've never owned an Android device, I'm considering the note due to the screen I need something on the go, read articles, open notes, full browsing, emails etc, on second thoughts the Note screen seems huge so coming from an apple device I might have a bit of trouble adjusting therefore thinking maybe GS3, not as huge as the NOTE?

    I need i would appreciate some pointers, the good and the bad and also what price range for each phone
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    Which carrier are you on? Lots of great phones coming in the next few months. Note 2, HTC Incredible X and Droid Razr HD just to name a few
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    I am advising everybody to just wait for the Galaxy Nexus 2.

    The GS3 is not a great design, the Note is too big for most people and the Galaxy Nexus is good but not worth buying when something new is imminent.
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    That's YOUR opinion and seeing how well both the SIII and Note have sold, its not a popular opinion
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    It's not a popular opinion but the popular opinion isn't always right.

    The iPhone has sold more than both of those phones combined and look at the OP trying to get away from it. I don't think he should care about the popular opinion, but rather, what's best for him.
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    And how would you know what's best for him? Blowing off great phones like the SIII and Note just because YOU don't like them is just silly.
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    The Note isn't for people who have a knee-jerk reaction to how huge it is. It's more for people who are elated to have a phone that big upon hearing about it.

    The GS3 has a design that is quite disappointing to a lot of people out there. It seems that that phone was designed more by lawyers than by Samsung design. Did you see the video where the iPhone 5 beat it on a drop test? Not something people should consider buying.

    The Galaxy Nexus 2, a collaboration between Google and Samsung, will likely yield a more conservative design that is functional and receives timely updates.
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    Did you see the drop test on the Iphone 4? wasn't good, yet many people bought it. I have dropped, or to be more clear, had my S3 ripped from my hand and sent 20 feet away onto a road. It survived with only a couple of dings in the metal trim. That's a real world test.

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    Uh. There is no metal trim on the S3...
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    chrome trim then. Its the silver band running around the edge of the screen.

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    My vote would be wait for the next iteration of the Nexus. You'll be better off getting the vanilla android OS straight from google not needing to wait for the carriers to release their version
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    Frankly, hardly anyone buys a phone based on how well it does in a drop test. Sure, the iPhone is more resistant, but the fact is that you are not supposed to drop your phone, let alone multiple times as they do in the test. And it is not like the S3 breaks apart due to a casual drop, it holds up well.

    The Galaxy S3 is an amazing device and I recommend it without reservation to the OP. If he doesn't minds waiting another month or two, then I would suggest that he does to see if there is any announcement of the new Nexus phone. If not, then go with the S3, you'll love it.
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    I appreciate all the feedback guys, the consensus is wait until a the Note 2/Nexus are out? isn't there Galaxy IV also? I would like to get one as soon as possible , the more i wait the more the iPhone drops in value lool which means i'll come out of pocket $

    for some reason the more I look at the note the more i want it :D
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    OP, I went from iP4 to the GS3 and contrary to Calidude's opinion, there are LOTS of people who love the design. Just because he is a strong advocate against it, doesn't mean his opinion reflects the masses. I once made a thread complaining about the design (it turns out, once I got a case that was super slim and barely added any bulk to the phone, I love it), and I got gently reamed by the S3 forum users. So there are plenty who really like it.

    Personally, and this is just my opinion, the best step would be to go into the carrier's store, and get your hands on both devices. The size of the S3 constantly freaks out my 3GS toting buddy, he doesn't want a phone with a screen larger than 4.3". For me, the sweet spot WAS the Gnex. It was the first Android phone I went to look at when I first considered the switch. 4.8" is the BIGGEST I would ever want to go for something that I still use as a phone often.

    All of that being said, from what you said you want to use it for, the Note2 does seem like the size you would be wanting. S3 can view docs etc, but you still have to stretch/zoom it around. And the websites that come up, are set for mobile web sites, which apparently the Note 2 has full webpage view.

    The S3 has more than enough screen real estate do do most of whatever you want before hitting to the tablet kind of feeling. It is more portable and less conspicuous than the Note. I saw one in the wild the other day and went... damn! that bad boy is HUGE. This coming from a 4.8" screen user haha!

    Best thing, go into the store, get some hands on.
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    The Gnex and S3 are almost identical in size (not screen) but physical size which IMO is what counts. The IP5 is not that much smaller anyway..

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