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Which (portable) external hard drive for Powerbook G4 (FW)?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Event Horizon, Oct 2, 2008.

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    I'd like to get a low profile (ie small) external hard drive to sit with my Powerbook and host my iTunes library. Ideally it would be bus/FW powered so as to avoid the need for a second power cable. I've seen complaints about the Powerbook not delivering enough power to drive Iomega, La Cie and Western Digital mini drives and would love to find someone who has one running bus/FW-powered from their Powerbook with no such problems. I was looking at the La Cie Mini Disk or one of their rugged disks or the WD My Passport, but would look at other brands with good reps. TIA
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    Don't go with the G-drive. It's bloody expensive comparatively.

    I'd say go with the LaCie little big disk by sam hecht. I have that, works wonderfully (at least on a macbook) and it allows you to daisy chain so you don't lose the port. I'm pretty sure firewire pushes more than enough juice, its the usb you should worry about (theoretically at least. I make no definitive statements :rolleyes:)

    If you are worried about it not powering, I'd say make sure you buy from some place with a decent return policy.
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    thanks - I saw the Little Disk at my local Apple Store so maybe I'll make it clear when buying that it needs to wok with my PB and ask them to confirm.
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    good call... you should consider getting it from amazon though. I think the :apple: store will want like $140+ for 250GB, where as amazon will be at least $25 cheaper. There return policy should be pretty good too.

    Up to you, just for-warning you :)

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