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Which stylus do you use & which apps do you use it with?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by El3ctronics, Apr 4, 2011.

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    I currently have the Pogo Sketch which is pretty horrible and I use it with UPad, Adobe Ideas & notating PDF's. My Nataal Premium Stylus is supposed to be delivered today so hopefully it works a little better.
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    Waiting on that one as well. Pogo sucks, the Targus i'm using now is pretty good (got at Best Buy)

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    Check here too: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1127994

    I got that one
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    Griffin. Love it.
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    If you do a search on Amazon, you will see Boxwave is the best seller. I ordered one, but cud not wait... hence dropped into BestBuy, and brought a Targus stylus as well. Boxwave arrived after a week, but i dont find it as responsive as Targus. I think Targus is a bit better cos its more responsive, and lighter than Boxwave.
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    I'll go ahead and quote myself from the thread Steviejobz linked to:
    From what I can tell, it looks like the Acase 2nd generation, AYL, and Nataal (which is the cheapest of the 3) are all actually the same stylus... just simply rebranded and sold. So you can pretty much apply any reviews to all 3 to any of the others (Acase I think has more reviews)


    Oh, and to the OP, I use my stylus for UPAD and a couple sketching/painting apps like Procreate and Whiteboard.

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    AluPen with Upad, done.
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    I second this opinion

  10. M-5
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    I just bought the Nataal stylus this past week because of people suggesting it and because of the really good price compared to other styluses. I was expecting it to arrive tomorrow, but it arrived a day early, so that was a nice surprise.

    From the few hours that I've used it, I do wish it had a little more weight to it. It feels like the pen is made out of aluminum or something. It's a good length for me, just like a regular pen. The tip of the pen is rubbery, and it squishes in when you press on it like if it's a hollow tip. The tip looks and feels like the black rubber part of a dropper tool:

    It's pretty accurate, though I don't have any other capacitive stylus to compare it to. You do have to apply a little bit of pressure though for the screen to sense it, so it's not like you can just glide it over the screen like your finger. But it's not too bad either. I wish the chrome metal ring that's around the tip was covered in the rubbery material instead, because I feel that if I press too hard on the tip like I might accidentally make contact with the iPad screen and the metal. It probably won't happen, but still.

    It's a neat stylus, but I wouldn't say it's accurate enough to write fine print. I've been using it with the UPAD Lite version though, and it works really well with the Zoom feature where you write in the zoomed in text box and it makes it smaller.

    I'd be really interested in trying out a stylus like The Cosmonaut concept that I saw a few days ago. It just seems kind of interesting:

    But yeah, for now I'm liking the Nataal stylus, and I'm excited to actually start using it to write notes on the iPad.
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    Mine should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing if our experience with it is similar.
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    Alupen seems to be a similar design
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    I've always been interested in the oStylus... pretty neat concept and would probably be pretty swell for sketching or drawing. Not sure how good it'd be for taking notes though.

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    Just received the e.stylo yesterday. A bit of a learning curve, but I got it down now and it's perfect for sketching/drawing. I'm no artist by any means, but I think it's quite unique and essential if you are drawing/sketching on the iPad. You can order the stylus from here, just contact them directly supplies diminish frequently I am told. http://plai.tv/
    Mine shipped super quick.
    I was using Adobe Ideas for a quick test, which is a decent app but quite limited.
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    How is this stylus for taking notes?
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    Got the Nataal yesterday...love it
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    Wow I got the AluPen from Just Mobile based on the recommendation of this thread and it is INCREDIBLE. Barely have to put any pressure for it to write and my handwriting is now almost identical to pen & paper. Fantastic product!
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    I have a Acase stylus and also a mini box wave. I love both and use them for everything I would use my fingers for. Keeps screen looking nice all the time and I can type real fast. Love my styli!
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    Big learning curve trying to write with it. possible yes, but i have had to play with it to get it down, love it for drawing, an remember the tip is not rubber, might be a dealbreaker for some although it is fine on screen with no protector.

    Next to the AluPen my chosen stylus for writing it doesn't compare for writing
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    Been writing with the Nataal this afternoon with Upad and I like it more than the boxwave. I like the feel alot, and it's easy to write with. The longer design is quite comfortable, so if you prefer more of a pen feel I recommend seeking this out especially for the price point on Amazon.

    My preference for writing -
    1. AluPen
    2. Nataal
    3. Boxwave
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    I ordered a Cosmonaut on Kickstarter. It is from the same guys who designed the Glif for iPhone 4, which I have and that was very well designed.

    And to me, the dry erase marker feel just seems to make sense, as writing on glass is not like writing on paper, so it should feel like writing on a dry erase board.

    Plus when writing with dry erase markers you tend to keep your hand off the marker board as it will smear/erase and get ink on your hands when your palm touches it. So I think the analogy moves over very well as resting your palm on the screen may trigger unwanted touches.
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    I just received my nataal stylus and its pretty good but I'm not a fan of the squishy tip. Is there anything similar with a stiffer tip? I think that would make it more precise in writing.

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