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'Which?' Tests Phil Schiller's iPad Mini Weight Comparison Claims

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 25, 2012.

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    'Which?', a UK-based consumer advocacy organization, has performed some research and determined that Apple's claims about the lightness of the iPad Mini appear to be accurate. The device is roughly the same weight as some heavier notepads, and is lighter than a can of Coke or a loaf of bread:

    Article Link: 'Which?' Tests Phil Schiller's iPad Mini Weight Comparison Claims
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    What the *** is going on here :confused:
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    Battlefield Fan

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    but we don't know how many pages of paper apple's pad of paper had..
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    I want an iPad Maxi. A MaxiPad. Larger screen. And pen sensitivity for drawing and painting.
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    Read this as, "Which Tests Phil Schiller's Weight."

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    the one Phil had has more paper :D

    hopefully another couple of years APPLE bring down the weight even more.

    carbon fiber on the back of the iPad mini? any one? ;)
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    So let me understand this:

    - The pad of paper used in the example weighs 226g;

    - the irrelevant iPad Mini weighs 312g;

    - therefore, the iPad Mini is "lighter" than a pad of paper?

    These guys need some lessons in logic, really...what a pathetic article.
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    But will it blend?
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    The iPad 3 is only 50g or so heavier than the iPad 2 but I really could feel that, so I'm assuming it'll be similar for me at least on the mini vs competition.
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    I am so happy to finally know that my soon to be iPad mini will be lighter than a loaf of bread.
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    yup.. definitely weighs more than a loaf of bread
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    It's news that a device is it's stated weight?
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    Its weight is very close to the pad they had on hand, but it was a little heavier. Apple didn't say it was lighter than that specific pad of paper, and since there are heavier pads out there and the iPad Mini's weight is so close to this one, they say that his claim is most likely correct. God, is it so hard to read??
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    Don't forget about the coke and the break ;)
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    "So there it is; the iPad mini isn't quite as light as a pad of paper - at least our non-spiraled softback pad. There are certainly pads of paper that are heavier so Phil Schiller's claim that it's as light as a pad of paper is about right."

    Some lessons in reading, too.
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    Seeing this on the front page is going to cause my eyes to bleed.
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    Of course not; I was talking about logic and consistency with what was shown in the article. After all, anyone can come up with a 1kg pad of paper, right? ;)
  19. CGagnon, Oct 25, 2012
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    In other news, another website that has jumped on the Apple bandwagon to draw eyeballs and thus ad revenue, has tested Phil Schiller's assertion that the iPad mini is 'amazing'. The summary on page 5 is that the iPad mini is indeed 'amazing'... to those that are amazed by it, but not so amazing to those who don't care.

    Incidentlly, when is Apple going to trademark the words 'amazing' and 'thin', and possibly 'fantastic' and of course 'amazingly thin'?
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    Based on technicalities, Apple had a big pad of notebook paper which weighted more than the iPad Mini. You can also find pad of paper that weighs less.
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    Wow, that is amazing. Some site is able to find a pad of paper that weighs less than the iPad mini. Congrats. :rolleyes:

    Apple did not claim that the iPad mini was lighter than any pad of paper.

    What they were probably comparing against was the typical pad of paper used in "America" in offices which would be a soft cardboard backed lined US Letter sized pad of paper with tear off sheets that is either yellow with blue stripes or white with blue stripes.

    I'm sure there are smaller/lighter pads of paper available and heavier ones as well.

    The UK advocacy group probably did not take page size into consideration or what type of pads of paper are used in the US.
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    GRAVE NEWS everyone the last EVER pad of paper weights 226gr...

    Insanity ensues!
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    Westside guy

    My third-generation Kindle ("Kindle Keyboard") weighs 247 grams, according to teh Googlez.
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    Do people REALLY get paid to do this?

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