Which version of FCP should I buy?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by adcx64, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know offhand what version of FCS is the last to run on my G4, Im looking to pick it up, and cant find a sure answer on google.

    Thanks guys!
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    Final Cut Studio 2 will work on a G4.
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    Is that the latest?
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    You don't believe Hrududu?

    Yes, that is from what I know of the last FCS that could run on a PowerPC is FCS2, FCS 3 is intel only.

    Or you can browse/search MR and you will find this. It might interest you.

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    I was just making sure!:)

    im going to need to pick this up, as Im taking a video editing class this year.
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    Final Cut Studio 3 will work on a G5. Its installed on my Quad G5 and runs great (Final Cut Pro anyways). Its actually all Universal applications, but the official installer doesn't let you install on a PPC by default. I've never actually tried in on a G4 since I don't own one with a GPU that would support the software. I know my 128MB 9600 Pro in my dual 2.0 G5 wasn't enough to let it startup. Final Cut Studio 2 is actually given G4 support right from Apple.
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    I have FCS 3 installed on my quad also. I'll bet with a 6800 or 7800 you could make it run.

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