Which Wireless Router Do You Use: Airport, D-Link, Netgear, Linksys?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by LaMerVipere, Jun 22, 2004.

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    Which wireless router do most of you use?

    I'll be buying one in the next week and would love to hear some feedback.

    I'm leaning towards the D-Link, mostly because its cheap and I've had good experiences with D-Link devices in the past. :)
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    I use an airport extreme basestation. I know it's expensive but it handles my printer and it's pretty.
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    Savage Henry

    If you've got loyalty to D-Link and you've had problems in the past then go for it.

    Personally I use Aiport and it suits me.
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    I use Linksys and D-link. I've got a WRT54G Linksys that I leave at my grandparents house for my cable internet, another WRT54G that I leave at my grandparents other house for their satellite internet, and a D-Link AP/Repeater that I take with me to hotels and the office.
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    Inexpensive, quality product, never had any problems... and hey, they look nice too! ;)
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    I have used linksys for years actually have multiple routers to seperate my wireless and wired networks.

    I have even seen a linksys and netgear work fine together - I really don't think you can go wrong with whichever you go with in the mainstream.
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    Actually, I use an SMC and it works just fine with AP Extreme.
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    netgear wgr614, it's nice and small, the range is great and it was $29 new(after rebates).
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    D-link for a few years now.
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    I have a DLink now, it works w/ my iBook (Airport Extreme) and eMac. I tried Netgear as well, both brands work fine.
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    I use a Airport Extreme Base Station personally but I don't see a problem getting a D-Link Router :)
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    Netgear. Got it at CompUSA for around $60. If you're just doing home based wireless networking between your laptop, the internet, and maybe one or two other computers, a third party base station is the most affordable way to go. I just couldn't see the justification for busting out $200 for Airport Extreme.
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    Netgear. I got it online for about $25 dollars which was great. It was real easy setup and works great so far. When I move into my apartment in August I'll be getting an Airport Express :D
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    Netgear! Router ,
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    I use a NetGear router with a Linksys wireless access point attached.

    thats a great duo
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    Rod Rod

    I use a Linksys WRT54G wireless access point+router. it works great with Airport and Airport Extreme (b and g) speeds. I got it back when all I had were "b" devices, and now that I have all "g" it's even better.
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    I use a Netgear. Works extremely well with my iBook and works somewhat poorly with my wife's PC laptop. Go figure.
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    Microsoft's MN-700 router.

    And F911 couldn't be farther from the truth... even the liberals on Slate are calling him the next Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefensthal. That 'ought to mean something when even the left is crying foul.
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    AEBS because of the built-in USB port.
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    Linksys works fine for me. The only thing I noticed with it, though, was occasionally my router in my dorm room would...stop. Not sure why. I don't think it was the linksys' fault, though. And all you had to do was unplug it, wait for 10 seconds, plug it back in, and my powerbook picked the signal right back up.
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    I use a linksys wireless router, havnt had too many problems with it. works great with my powerbook, and my other PCs.
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    US Robotics, someone from the windows world (who knows is stuff) told me he tested many wireless routers and found it had the best out of box security.
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    I've used only LinkSys and never had a problem. As for security, the LinkSys have MAC address filtering, which is all the security I've ever used. Never had a problem with it.
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    I'm using a D-Link DI-624.
    Works perfectly with my iBook over 802.11g, and I've got MAC filtering set up, so it's secure. No WPA support, only WEP 128, but I can live with it.

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